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  • Avatar for LCDnewOrder
    Blake I <3 you so goddamn much.
  • Avatar for Vicki_Icky
    Happy November 19th! Yeah! !
  • Avatar for finulfite
  • Avatar for kkatiemay
    Happy Sluttering Day, May the 4th be with you as well!
  • Avatar for lastvscmr
    Happy Sluttering Day. Listen to the song. Don't be unkind to anyone.
  • Avatar for Allurin
    Congratulations to you both, I hope somewhere you're happy.
  • Avatar for blue_iPod
  • Avatar for kandymartinez
    This song is the reason that I was born on May 4th.
  • Avatar for chelidman
    @iblamethegovt - Really? That's quite an indictment coming from someone whose charts read like the playlist from WSUK Top 40 radio. Trash.
  • Avatar for iblamethegovt
    we are doomed
  • Avatar for iblamethegovt
    *cough* uh... hmm... so about this.... ideekay... NO. not even worth my time. NEXT?!
  • Avatar for lastvscmr
    Today is the day. Listen to the song. And if you can help it, don't break anyone's heart.
  • Avatar for Patjm1992
    This is the sip that's drinking back from you...
  • Avatar for mred101
    I thank you master blake
  • Avatar for wdima
    so angry. i love it. (nothing personal, blake)
  • Avatar for Torcio
    well, I've listened to it a hundred times now.. and it still isn't enough
  • Avatar for lastvscmr
    Today is the day. Let's listen to the song. Additionally, here's a thing I wrote about it =
  • Avatar for Swid
    Happy Sluttering.
  • Avatar for Riothazard
    Today is May 4th. (2)
  • Avatar for sandiegorick
    this music equals very very yes.
  • Avatar for Tiarnanoh
    my birthday. :)
  • Avatar for TrypTheWizard
    P!ATD doesn't even scratch the surface [of problems that Jawbreaker does].
  • Avatar for herrh1977
  • Avatar for southern_rock
  • Avatar for lastvscmr
    Today is May 4th.
  • Avatar for asxbeautyxdies
    that panic at the disco comment made me laugh xD but not all "kids" are like that, I'm 15 and Jawbreaker is like my crack cocaine
  • Avatar for duckboystump
    soo... panic at the disco is 'worth your time', but jawbreaker isnt? these fucking kids.... no respect for their elders
  • Avatar for MidwestCrucible
    Some of the best lyrics Blake has written. This song is godly.
  • Avatar for LeslieLullaby
    *cough* uh... hmm... so about this.... ideekay... NO. not even worth my time. NEXT?!
  • Avatar for boosted84wagon
    so fucking epic
  • Avatar for NekstBestThing
    I am here to write that this is in fact not the best Jawbreaker song.
  • Avatar for evilxdead
    Best Jawbreaker song.
  • Avatar for iblamethegovt
    if this song was written about me i would feel like a total bitch.
  • Avatar for retrodiva
    delightful jawbreaker tune - la la love it...
  • Avatar for duckboystump
    err "convey"
  • Avatar for duckboystump
    best song on 'dear you', and up there with the best jawbreaker songs overall. sooo many guitar tracks that get so intense; you actually FEEL what blake is trying to cpnvey
  • Avatar for diealoneandsad
    badass song
  • Avatar for upthecrustpunx
    this is my favorite jawbreaker song by far.
  • Avatar for Aleco
    top listener(this week) of a damn wicked song!
  • Avatar for water8
    this completes me.
  • Avatar for water8
    this song has everything
  • Avatar for DannyA6
    top notch stuff in here
  • Avatar for DannyA6
    Love this. Is this a single?
  • Avatar for watthead
    best post-breakup song ever.

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