• Something negative about your top 20

    8 Dec 2007, 21:53 by AqualungBats5th

    I really like this meme because it takes more work to come up with something you don't like about artists you love than what you do like. For me it does, at least!

    1. XTC: This might be blasphemy (no pun intended) but I really hate the song "Dear God". Not because I disagree with the message (rather the opposite) but because it's one of their most well known songs among people from the US and it's... really not that good a song. Also, because it knocked one of my favorite XTC songs, "Mermaid Smiled" off of the American version of Skylarking.

    2. Kate Bush: For all the time she spent on it, I was really expecting more from "Aerial". It's a great album, sure.. but no "Hounds of Love"

    3. Big Country: Wow, this isn't easy. I guess "Peace in Our Time" for several songs like "Everything I Need" and "In This Place" for being just plain... boring. A lot of fans hate "No Place Like Home"…
  • Oh no! Yet another silly music survey! (top 25)

    16 Sep 2006, 17:32 by AqualungBats5th

    Normally I don't do these things, but I thought it'd be a fun memory exercise for myself (if not entertaining reading for anyone else).

    Audioscrobbler Meme: Write down your first 25 bands mentioned in your overall list</a> and answer the following questions...

    1.XTC (2,026 plays)
    First Song: Generals & Majors
    How'd You Hear It: On "Back to the Eighties Friday night" on 98.5 in Boston probably around '95
    Favorite Song, Overall: Then She Appeared
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Then She Appeared is tied with Mermaid Smiled (41 plays)

    2.Big Country (1,381 plays)
    First Song: In a Big Country
    How'd You Hear It: Also on "back to the eighties". I listened to that show every week in the late ninties.
    Favorite Song, Overall: Wonderland
    Song with Highest Position on Chart: Wonderland (57 plays)

    3.Kate Bush (879 plays)
    First Song: Running Up that Hill in '98
    How'd You Hear It: an 80's compilation CD
    Favorite Song: Sat In Your Lap