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  • I wanna see him live so damn bad, Apparently we are both also from Everett, wa. Not quite sure if thats true though but Lowell is the shit.:)
  • Jason gave one of the best small live shows I've see. Love his work.
  • Sound a bit like Bob Dylan. But I like.
  • Love it.
  • <3
  • sigh... Still broken...
  • damn. :(
  • Is this still broken?
  • Практически шансон :-)
  • I've been on Jason's gig some time ago -when he was in Poland for the first time. OMG People - I've NEVER seen anything like that! Now I'm considering selling my computer and fridge to go to the States to see another show!
  • P.S He's amazing live, seen hime twice, sat and had a pint with him, been invited to after party by him :) Really a must see whenever he comes round your way.
  • This isn't icarus.Half of song with name that escapes me and half of icarus.
  • Busted. Damn. Fix? Please, please, please.
  • awww it's broken.
  • ahhh, what a shame, this needs to be fixed.
  • this is good
  • wow this is crap
  • man. to see this dude live. *sighs*
  • error - secon half of some other song and only 1st half of Icarus...
  • for some time I can hear only the second half of Icarus at Last.fm...:( got the same?
  • why is this in my library?
  • i love this song and have just discovered Jason and all i can say is wowsers...powerful, passionate stuff. thanks!
  • ?

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