• 2000 tracks scrobbled!

    24. Sep. 2007, 16:13 von mightythor83

    This is kind of a goal. 2000 tracks scrobbled on I'm surely going to raise the bar to 3000 songs now. Let's see how long it takes to get there. The 2000th song is Surprise by Jars of Clay. I also got Five Leaves Left today but I haven't really digested it yet, like Rob says in the movie High Fidelity.
  • Soundtrack of my life! - August 07

    1. Aug. 2007, 2:46 von Lozza-licious

    1. Put music player on shuffle.
    2. Record songs.
    3. Don't cheat.

    Opening credits: Your Star
    Comment: Lol, depressing start
    Pick some words: "How can the darkness feel so wrong?"

    Waking up: Wrong Way
    Comment: Don't like this song much, but heh..xD
    Pick some words: "What makes you bleed?"

    Average day: Ships in the Night
    Comment: Hahaha xD Nice xD
    Pick some words: "Without love, I cannot win."

    First date: How Great
    Comment: :S
    Pick some words: "Lift my eyes to your sky"

    Falling in love: Children
    Comment: Yay, happy music xD
    Pick some words: Uh, there are none =P

    Fight scene: I Hate You
    Comment: Awww
    Pick some words: "You smile at me and tell me everything will be alright"

    Breaking up: Lacrymosa
    Comment: Perfect.
    Pick some words: "I don't wanna hold you back now, love"

    Getting back together: Love's a Loaded Gun
    Comment: Wtf? xD
    Pick some lyrics: "Sometimes love's a loaded gun, and it shoots to kill"