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  • Avatar for appendixes
    Thank you.
  • Avatar for meggoog
    I've been completely enamored with this man since 2003. Just can't shake it
  • Avatar for carajeffrey
    I got to see Jarrod open for Chris Carrabba recently and it was great! Check out my review
  • Avatar for kellylegend
    I'm too obsessed with Miserable Without You.
  • Avatar for MKOHLER2008
    He was fantastic the past two nights in Cleveland.
  • Avatar for danatan79
    i loooove desperate hands. such a great song
  • Avatar for againstelegies
    He's a good guy and really nice to talk to but the new album fell short for me, except the song "Impressions." I'm going to listen to it a lot more to see how I feel in a few months, because who knows, it could change then.
  • Avatar for alameda_
    bruises from your bad dreams = two big fat thumbs up.
  • Avatar for JanceLohann
    Jarrod Gorbel sucks so much cock now, I hate to say it, but... its true. So much cock.
  • Avatar for sarahrebekah
    already obsessed with the new album...genius.
  • Avatar for ConstanceIsDead
    What I would do to have this man come to London!
  • Avatar for an_empty_seat
    great show in Toronto last night! Really enjoyed the tunes. Come back soon.
  • Avatar for danatan79
    i love his music.
  • Avatar for Mikehsaur
    saw him live, go see him he sounds just as amazing live as he does on CD
  • Avatar for piratex760x
    pretty stoked to see him in 11days gahhhhh i love THT but his solo stuff is amazing <333
  • Avatar for ihatecheckers
    saw him with fun. and bought a cd because i really loved his set
  • Avatar for fueledbynofx
    seeing him for the fourth time tonight. i might throw up.
  • Avatar for ACA1985
    Live review including setlists and photos of fun., Steel Train, and Jarrod Gorbell at Bell House in New York City on September 30, 2010. - -
  • Avatar for danatan79
    devils made a new friend is amazing! everyone should have it :D
  • Avatar for violetskyline
    if anyone's debating on whether or not to see him live- DO IT. and i love the new album! <3
  • Avatar for attention
    sooo excited to see him this fall, i wish he was headlining. though i'm sure he'll steal the show anyway.
  • Avatar for sebs180
    I want I want I want each breath!!!
  • Avatar for swissarmy
  • Avatar for SuperFknMario
    love the new album! :D
  • Avatar for sammvan
    why the heck is he opening for hanson?! i want to see him live so bad, but can't justify spending money to go see him open for hanson, just in case they get any of the money.
  • Avatar for Neji-Kun
    The new album is great. Can't wait till my disc arrives!
  • Avatar for sorebelarus
    i live in finland so i think jarrod isn't not as much popular in here as he should be. i bought august's nylon and read the article about him; "free at last". i just immediately fell in love with that photograph ---> ran to myspace. my soul cries every second i cannot hear his voice :D wish me luck finding his album from here, the middle of nowhere.
  • Avatar for Shin_x
    ''Devil's Made A New Friend'' good album.
  • Avatar for Velro
    Ill give you a hug if you record undone
  • Avatar for so-subtle
    Good one!;
  • Avatar for fueledbynofx
  • Avatar for fueledbynofx
    No one will ever love JG or THT as much as I do. And I dare you to challenge that.
  • Avatar for meggoog
    so excited for the new stuff<3
  • Avatar for hizupyon
    CAN'T-WAIT-FOR-NEW-ALBUM Devil's Made A New Friend: 8/31/10 <3 <3 <3 WOHOOOOOO
  • Avatar for amandawhitlow
  • Avatar for lauren_hatcher
    oh, jarrod.. <3
  • Avatar for FACRock
    Just saw Jarrod in Portland :) Check out our review for the show! -
  • Avatar for saiyaman156
    I am definitely going to go see him on March 18th in Boston.
  • Avatar for violetskyline
    i'm thinking of going to see him on march 18th in boston. :]
  • Avatar for mvldk666
  • Avatar for sammvan
    has anyone heard anything about his full length album and when it will come out?
  • Avatar for xawinterstale
    makes time stand still.
  • Avatar for meggoog
    I'm back I love you more than bagels, warm tortillas, baby corn, and pickles. and thats a fucking lot.
  • Avatar for JadeHavok13
    i love this mannnn <3
  • Avatar for Neji-Kun
    Along with Brand New, The Honorary Title are my favourite band. Lyrically amazing. Can't wait for Jarrod's new album.
  • Avatar for fueledbynofx
    I love Jarrod more than words can say. I haven't been able to listen to anything else but THT since Saturday night.
  • Avatar for Loonyloon
    in love with this wondefrul voice ♥
  • Avatar for alina82688

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