Episode 3: SkyFix

1 Oct 2010 | from

The song of the week podcast is proud to present this week’s artist: SkyFix. The track I have selected is entitled Birds Are Swaying, Trees are Singing. What first caught my eye about this track was the ironic title - I’m always a sucker for things like that, but I really got hooked when I gave it my first listen. The track starts off slowly with some forlorn sounding cello and gradually builds up by including some off-beat electronic bleeps and bloops. Anyone who has listened to my first album knows how fond I am of electronic bleeps and bloops. And how cool is it to mix electronic sounds with a classical instrument like a cello? I’ll just go ahead and tell you, it’s very cool. It doesn’t stop there, the track continues to get more and more interesting with some weird and sinister sounding samples of people’s voices saying something about a bicycle. I don’t know what the bicycle reference is about - but I know if it’s in this song, that’s a bicycle I want to ride. This is a very nice track, and is also a nice prelude to some more intriguing music on the same release.

This track, and the others on this release, are released under the netlabel Ember Music.  Do yourself a favor and visit their website and check out not only SkyFix, but the many great artists and music available from the label.  I was introduced to Ember Music by a friend I made on Twitter named Kurt Lorenz.  SkyFix is an artist named Ewoud Beaufays from Belgium.  He got the name SkyFix from a song by the band 65 Days of Static called “Fix The Sky A Little” - which is a band that I happened to see perform live when they opened for The Cure at Red Rocks.  Ewoud has been making music since he was 7 years old, and obviously knows his way around spinning a catchy little tune.

Ok, so go on now, and just find out for yourself how it is that the birds are swaying while it’s the trees that are singing…. 

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