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  • cool guys cool sound
  • here's a few lyrics:
  • where can i see some freaking lyrics??
  • How can I get a hold of the first two EP's??? They sound amazing!! Please re-release them, Japandroids!! Yay!
  • good call doing the album release in vic!.. too bad I'm gonna miss it.
  • this band is illmatic.
  • best bandname
  • these guys remind me of death from above 1979 in the best possible way.
  • amazing
  • LMAO @ freecrystals + buzz-in! xD
  • That's surprising, considering his hair doesn't look ridiculous.
  • these boiz are sound, i met these dudes in south carolina when they were promoting, my haircut was inspired by joel.
  • steroids
  • Lift Antennas To Fist Heaven
  • @wehate_youhate: is it really raining there? ;D
  • Have you considered that this album might just be good on its own? Who cares about pitchfork. I first heard these guys about six months ago and it didn't really strike me until I heard this record. These are incredible songs. All of them.
  • I just wanna worry about sunshine...girls
  • dont care about pitchfork, fucking digging this
  • hmm any idea how the number of listeners doubled in the past day or two? i'm thinking it starts with a p... it's on the tip of my tongue, man, i can't recall
  • I dunno about you guys, but I really feel like giving a french kiss to some french girls.
  • we used to dreeeeam
  • JonnyKim: "I found Japandroids through Pitchfork. I'm really glad I found them. Does it really matter how a band is found, as long as they're found and heard? Japandroids certainly deserve as many listeners as possible." MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Just sit back and enjoy the music people. It's incredible.
  • pitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchforkpitchfork
  • ...pitch fork.
  • sounds pretty good.
  • I'm liking what I'm hearing. Personally, noise has a fine line between shitty (Wavves anyone?) and fun. Also, really does it matter how you find the band? Grow the fuck up.
  • rad they're playing bluesfest now i am so so happyyy
  • The tour is rescheduled - yes! Also - crazy photo:
  • @wjd1990: I don't care, I just think it's hilarious.
  • Blah blah blah PITCHFORK blah blah blah oh just STFU and enjoy the music!
  • @ADHD- - comments like your are exactly the reason why "pitchfork'd" band's shoutboxes are infected
  • I found Japandroids through Pitchfork. I'm really glad I found them. Does it really matter how a band is found, as long as they're found and heard? Japandroids certainly deserve as many listeners as possible.
  • i remember when this shoutbox wasn't infected with people bawwwing about pitchfork.
  • if they don't reschedule the ottawa show i will cry
  • @Poelzig, I honestly think they aren't as great as No Age though. Oh well, why compare so much anyway.
  • How can a band with such a stupid name give their album such a good title? I pretty much listened to the album because of the title - glad I did. Personally, I don't consider Young Hearts Spark Fire so special with all those yeas and such. I think Post-Nothing is good as a whole. The lyrics just make me laugh, they're pretty funny :D
  • japandroids = the texas is the reason of noise pop
  • @likelylad11- I often base on Pitchfork while checking the new music but I don't try to listen music just because they like something. However, unlike most of new noise lo-fi American bands like Wavves or Times New Viking Japandroids are surprisingly good (although IMO they could have chosen the better name ;) )
  • really damn cool.
  • I saw that this band was coming to my city (it was cancelled though) and gave them a listen. Best decision EVER.
  • i'm pretty excited that i heard this band because of pitchfork. what's wrong with it? otherwise i wouldn't know this fucking good band!
  • i agree with poelzig
  • these guys are better than No Age and Wavves. Sometimes they remind me of the old Dischord bands... for me that's a plus.
  • shitsux
  • I agree, it's a solid album, but based on the EP's and Young Hearts I expected slightly more.
  • THEY HAVE SWINE FLU! OMG. on a more serious note I found P-N was nice but still it never fulfilled the promise of Young Hearts Spark Fire. Great album but I can't help but feel slightly disappointed because Young Hearts was so epic.


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