1 Apr 2008, 23:45 by samanthadstryr

    Song's by Title:
    First Song: A'rebours by Babyshambles
    Last Song: ???- Ted Hawkins

    Song's by Length:
    Shortest Song: Cheap Art by Limp Wrist
    Longest Song: No Lonesome Tune by Townes Van Zandt

    By Artist:
    First Artist: The A.K.A.s
    Last Artist: !!!

    By Album:
    First Album: Abattoir Blues by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but I don't have the whole thing so... Ain't Comin' Back 7 inch by Black Lips
    Last Album: 914 Studio Demos by the Ramones

    Top 10 Most Played Song (No Artist Repeats)
    1. Patsy Cline- In Care of the Blues
    2. Thee Headcoats- Powwow
    3. Zach the Country Wonder- Ballad of Zach the Country Wonder
    4. Black Lips- Ain't No Deal
    5. She & Him- You Really Got a Hold on Me
    6. Janis Martin- Good Lovin'
    7. Johnny Cash and June Carter- Darlin' Companion
    8. 16 Horsepower- Nobody 'Cept You
    9. Holly Golightly- Without You Here
    10. Brenda Lee- Sweet Nothins'

    10 Most Recently Played Songs:
    I am not doing this section. What does it mean????

    First Five Songs on Shuffle:
  • Weekly Top 10 3/12-3/19

    22 Mar 2006, 21:16 by zombi_whore

    1...Giuseppe Andrews- i am a huge fan of Giuseppe's films. at first i wasnt really into the music on his Chow Mein Noodle cd, i though that the music would be like the ones in his films...but instead most of the vocals on the album are run though a voice basically i listened to it for the novelty of it all...then one day i really started getting into it.
    if you havent already seen them i definatly recommend watching his films "Trailer Town" and "Touch Me in the Morning" you can get them at or probley any other place that sells a broad range of dvds.
    also...if you are fimilar with him at all go to his page and vote on his far only 2 of us have.

    2...Hank Williams III- he is almost as good as his granddaddy!! i love Hank 3...i cant get enough of listening to his stuff. i am so disapointed that i missed the chance to see him a few months ago. there is always another time i guess.