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On November 17th, 1980, Evelyn Leahy gave birth to a baby girl. Evelyn was an amazing singer, and because she toured all over the Orient in the 70s doing covers of Janis Joplin, she was inspired to name her baby girl after this infamous singer.

Janis Leahy was raised in a very musically inclined family, and was blessed with a talent herself. Growing up with musicians like Pat Benatar, and Cindy Lauper, Janis's first recorded performance was "Hell Is for Children" at four years old with a cheap tape recorder.

At a very young age, she realized that her true passion was in writing, singing, dancing and any form of performing. After moving from San Diego, CA to Washington, D.C. in 96, she landed the lead of her Junior-year musical. The stage was where her heart was, and she knew she would eventually pursue a career in music, but she wasn't sure of how or where to start.

In 1999, while attending a notorious D.C.-based party "Buzz," she was introduced to proper electronic music. She started listening closely to artists like BT, Paul Van Dyk, Josh Wink, and fell in love with the music. She ultimately realized it would be a great way to start her career.

In 2003, she was introduced to Ali 'Dubfire' Shirazinia, of the Grammy-Award winning duo Deep Dish. After coming to the studio to meet with Ali and Sharam, and doing some vocal snippets in their vocal booth, they were inspired to create "Dub Shepherd." In January of 2005, she was given another track to potentially write and sing for them. Upon hearing the track, she heard similarities between Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and the instrumental version Ali had played her before they had laid down any vocals to it. She then found herself back in the studio with Ali and Sharam to lie out the vocals to the Deep Dish rendition of Dreams, and to everyone's pleasant surprise, the vocals were a perfect fit for the track. Soon thereafter, it landed in the hands of Miss Stevie Nicks herself, who set down a fresh set of vocals specifically for the dynamic duos rendition, which has become a massive dance hit.

In 2004, she was introduced to DJ/Producer Lance Jordan of Dusk Recordings/NY Love. She took her first proper stab at writing, and "Twilight" was created. It has been supported by the likes of Deep Dish and Hector Romero, and has recently been picked up and remixed by Kai (of Chris and Kai/Yoshitoshi).

Her agenda includes working with various dance producers such as Mert Yucel (Deep Xperience), and Stephan Luke (Fat Free Music), and she is starting to venture outside of dance music. With her combination of talent, passion, creativity, support, and unmatchable ambition, there is no doubt this young lady will be making waves in music. This is only the start of her career, but it looks to be an exciting road ahead.

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