• you know what i feel like? a LYRICS GAME

    22 Dec 2006, 12:23 by codislove

    Well, even though my last lyrics game is far from finished, I thought it'd be interesting to start a new one. So let's go, hmm?

    I'll do only 25 lyrics. If I get lyrics slightly wrong, I apologise. I am doing this by listening alone, no googling was done.

    1. This is morning, this is when I spend the most time thinking about what I've given up[The Mix Tape]

    2. Hey ladies drop it down, just wanna see you touch the ground [Belly Dancer]

    3. Life just begun, my sleeping new son[When You Dream]

    4. Rag doll, livin' in a movie[Rag Doll]

    5. When the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies[somebody to love]

    6. You look into my eyes, I go out of my mind

    7. It's not just a pain, a pain in my back that laughs in my face[The Poison]

    8. It's bugging me, grating me, and twisting me around[Hysteria]

    9. I'm sick of always hearing all those sad songs on the radio[What Went Wrong]

    10. Maybe it's intuition, but some things you just don't question[I Knew I Loved You]