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  • Avatar for usamike
    it is strange, but the more i listen Janis Ian, the more i think about Taylor Swift !
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    am i alone in thinking that she has at least ten songs that are better than "at seventeen"?
  • Avatar for Luffbucket
    Go to church and stop being such a religious troll.
  • Avatar for PirateDolly13
    she's amazing
  • Avatar for MackTheKnifeAU2
    so fetch
  • Avatar for iagomelo2
    e o Ian Andrade
  • Avatar for songfactslastfm
    "Gay rights has taken such a huge turn these last couple of years, it's really astonishing to me." - Janis Ian of "At Seventeen" fame was one of the first popular musicians to come out as gay. Recently, she told us why she did it, and how she never dreamed that gay marriage would become legal in her lifetime:
  • Avatar for all_a_stew
    review of one of her lesser-known albums:
  • Avatar for Bastard1
    The third coolest Janis of all time.
  • Avatar for Divagando
    Have 2 tickets for tonight TUESDAY 01/31/12 at APOLLO Barcelona. 40€, offices price. Message me if you're interested. Peace! +34 652356769
  • Avatar for Bloopy
    Sweet Misery is an awesome, rocking song, and yet so far down the charts!
  • Avatar for Mullington
    Fly too High-very sexy :)
  • Avatar for JigsawXXXX
    I'm currently 17, and "At 17" seems about right. Very nice song.
  • Avatar for kdbutterfli
    The Simpsons brought me here.
  • Avatar for jenafaly
    love love love
  • Avatar for omgface
    nice wig janis. what's it made of? your mom's chest hair! [3]
  • Avatar for MysteryLady316
    At 17. Beautiful...
  • Avatar for JustineSantos
    nice wig janis. what's it made of? your mom's chest hair! [2]
  • Avatar for sammyenn
    nice wig janis. what's it made of? your mom's chest hair!
  • Avatar for Furashubakku
    Love is Blind is an epic song.
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    maybe they'll film it for tv... i wonder who they'll cast as me... should be somebody i look like... sigourney weaver'd be all right
  • Avatar for peternen
    Wonderful voice!
  • Avatar for Scentlesss
    Happy New Year
  • Avatar for pognyc
    Hello Happy New Year!
  • Avatar for StanLeChinois
    Greetings from Paris /France
  • Avatar for jazz1968
    your music that awake my psyche
  • Avatar for fergusmcphail
    Folk is the new black! <3
  • Avatar for frosia
  • Avatar for uterina
    from me to you! <3
  • Avatar for IRSARGE
    really nice!
  • Avatar for runawayfromgood
    At Seventeen is still a wonderful song.
  • Avatar for EmmaKSpence
    Between the lines is such a great album: FOR SENSUAL PIANO, SOULFUL VOICE CHECK OUT:
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    i can't see you anymore baby
  • Avatar for SE16-3LN
    between the lines.
  • Avatar for hippiexmaggie
    i'm surprised that society's child is only number 13...
  • Avatar for Vibeke84
    I love, love, love this track.
  • Avatar for Kbby8
    getting over you<3
  • Avatar for Noersen
    great music
  • Avatar for livecandance
    one of these days ima stop my listning
  • Avatar for ItekeIteke
    Ik moet nog even wennen aan de site
  • Avatar for jenafaly
    Fly to high is streamable - Its not a spoof version despite the name!
  • Avatar for kaznzak
    We saw Janice Ian a couple of years ago at the Blues and Roots festival here in OZ and for us she was the equal best act of the week - she juts gets better with age! Kaz
  • Avatar for debbiemartindal
    beauty x ful x
  • Avatar for lm525
    Watercolours ... beautiful
  • Avatar for fregat118
    In the winter is great, but Dusty Springfield's version is better anyway :-)
  • Avatar for AcidBeast
    Love is blind. <3
  • Avatar for Animal_Nitrate
    At Seventeen is such a beautiful song, it hits so close to home. =]
  • Avatar for call_me_doctor_
    Roses for the Damned is a.... damned... good song. It really is.
  • Avatar for Maharet1
    Sinabelle itroduced me to her music <3
  • Avatar for jenafaly
    Janis is a goddess.


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