• some things you should know

    3 May 2006, 09:46 by fallenEpitaph

    The first and very exciting of it all;i just learned that Bright Eyesis working on his new album:)) and he is working with guest names like Janet Weiss,Gillian Welch and Sleater Kinney... Well i've never heard any of them except sleater kinney,which i havent listened,but as i wrote these names some pictures of beautifull woman appeared,gillian loks like jenifer garner? and she has a cowboy hat and a acuostic guitar so this probably means the new album is a bright eyes album,not a digital one or anything.Can anyone tell me more about these names ? And the chick from Azure Ray; will she be in again? they are friends,right?

    Whatever; it is sooo exciting that Conır oberst is up with a new album ; cos he never ever made something that is bad and i dont think he'll go anywhere bad,but personally i'd like it to be something as heavy and emotional as fevers&mirrors, instead of a relaxed album like i'm wide awake it's morning. Since he is having so many guests it feels like it's gonna be one hell of a thing,i guess..
  • Ninety nine

    5 Sep 2005, 11:32 by genkigrrl

    Mostly Melbourne band Ninetynine have been around since 1997 and consist of two Perthites : Lora McFarlane and Cameron Potts. Lora McFarlane was previously in U.S. rawk grrl band Sleater-Kinney later replaced by Janet Weiss as drummer. Other previous bands include The Brautigans with Bernard Langham on violin, The Sea Haggs, Cold Cold Hearts, Popemobile, Dragster and now Ninetynine.
    Cameron Potts also currently plays in band Baseball.