• 15 out of 146 Random Janet Jackson Song Lyrics

    24 Mar 2009, 15:08 by Star1814

    1. When I first met you,
    I knew that my life would never be the same

    2. You need to let off,
    Close your eyes and just put me in control

    3. Took myself on to the doctor,
    Wasn't feeling fine

    4. All of my life,
    I hoped to find someone like you

    5. Boy, when you look at me,
    Do you judge me by my cover?

    6. Betcha think I'm the type to not speak,
    Look away everytime our eyes meet

    7. Light skin, dark skin, my Asian persuasion,
    I got them all, that's why these girls out here hatin'

    8. There's a high level of luv goin' on,
    The feelings are just way too strong

    9. Children are called the future of an adult world,
    They are born with spirits so innocent

    10. Oh baby, oh baby pop, follow my directions,
    You will be okay

    11. I don't wanna hear you say,
    Your heart is all in knots

    12. Your body chemistry, your history, your smile,
    I like it, I like your style

    13. She brought love, she brought joy
    She brought, what she brought, you thought you'd never see again
  • Top 20: Janet Jackson

    30 Apr 2008, 11:43 by Make-It-Hot

    Decidí comenzar a hacer listas de artistas. Comienzo con Janet, porque la estoy escuchando en este momento.

    Una rápida mini-lista: Top 5 albums.

    1. Janet
    2. The Velvet Rope
    3. Rhythm Nation 1814
    4. All for You
    5. 20 Y.O.

    Ahora el top 20 de temas:

    20. What'll I Do: Un tema pop-rock, no agresivo como "Black Cat", tiene un feeling más funk. El remix de Dave Navarro es bastante bueno también.

    19. Son of a Gun: Tema que mezcla lo sexy y atrevida en Janet. Uno de los primeros temas que me gustaron de ella. Sigue siendo uno de mis favoritos.

    18. Curtains: Uno de mis favoritos de su último álbum, Discipline. Mid-tempo sexy, pero se mantiene dentro del límite.

    17. Take Care: Uuuh. Temazo, me hace acordar a otro tema muy sexy que viene más adelante. Uno de los mejores temas de esta decada.

    16. Do It 2 Me: Producción de JD para 20 Y.O. Definitvamente, hacía años que Janet no tenía un tema tan adictivo como éste.