• It takes forever if you go by inertia

    7 Jun 2006, 04:45 by alfvaen

    I saw my first Jane Siberry video in the spring of 1985, shortly after we first got cable, and hence MuchMusic. My first impression of I Muse Aloud was strongly unfavourable. Not only did the song strike me as vapid and jerky, so did the video, and Siberry(whose name I would misspell as "Sibbery" for some months)looked pretty goofy in it. However, hearing her earlier breakout track, the epic Mimi on the Beach, made me grudgingly admit that maybe she wasn't all bad. The next couple of videos, for You Don't Need and One More Colour further convinced me that she was okay, if not great, apart from that horrible "I Muse Aloud" song.

    It was The Walking (And Constantly) which really sold me on her, though. At that time I always demanded to hear at least two decent tracks before I bought an album, so I waited until the release of Ingrid and the Footman before I bought The Walking. It's a weird album, no doubt about that, the goofiness of "Ingrid & The Footman" the most normal thing about it. …