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Jan Terri is an Outsider musician from the United States. Her albums include "Baby Blues" and "High Risk".

Terri graduated from Columbia College in 1983 with a degree in broadcast communications and arts and entertainment management. While at Columbia, she took an internship at a recording studio in Hillside run by a country bar band called the Windy City Cowboys. Terri became their backup singer, performing at the Possum Pub, a honky-tonk in Melrose Park, and at numerous weddings, all the while recording some songs of her own. She then arranged for music videos for several of these songs.

Eventually, Terri worked as a limousine driver, and would give copies of the videos to her clients in an attempt to drum up interest in her fledgling singing career. These became cult favorites in advertising and marketing circles for Terri's less-than-stellar singing ability and the videos' amateur production quality.

Fame, or something like it

A copy of the video eventually made its way to rocker Marilyn Manson, who was intrigued. He had Terri perform at one of his parties, and was impressed enough with her sincerity to allow her to open for one of his concerts.

Jan Terri's music videos have become hugely popular with the advent of high-speed Internet and video sites such as YouTube. Songs such as "Losing You", "Baby Blues" and her Masterpiece ,Halloween novelty song Inspired by the works of Hieronymous Bosch and Anton Lavey "Get Down Goblin" have gained a lot of publicity for Terri since the 1990s productions were released on VHS.

Her latest known public appearance was on The Daily Show.

Losing You

Jan Terri's best-known music video is for "Losing You". Although a somewhat honest effort is given to the production, the result resembles something one might find on late-night public access television, which provides for unintentional humor for many viewers.

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