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Sometimes (5:11)

indie · britpop · 90s · rock


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  • Great song ♥
  • Awesome song and completely delightful live.
  • Genial
  • My favourite James song - epic
  • “Okay Brian (Eno), we're ready to record 'Sometimes'.” I'd got the chorus ready and I hadn't told them. He's prowling around the floor while we were playing the start of the song, just waiting to see what I'd got. I sang the chorus and he kind of went white and sat down while we were playing. I thought: 'Oh shit, he doesn't like it'. When we finished he didn't say anything. He had his head in his hands on the desk and we all crowded round him and eventually he looked up and he said: “I've just experienced one of the highlights of my musical life.” We went: “Woah!” We were completely blown away. That someone we held in such high esteem could have such a physical, tangible reaction to that song. His reaction was one of our highlights of our musical life!
  • Possibly my favourite song of all time.
  • Me agradan mucho las guitarras jangly y repetitivas de toda la cancion.
  • One of their best - awesome live in concert. One of the greatest mysteries is why James wasn't huge in the states. One of my all time favorite bands.
  • Marjo47 has listened to this track 3 times. ;-) Thanks for bringing me here. This is a great track! Reminds me of Echo & the Bunnymen...
  • wowie
  • Absolutely love this. Always manages to uplift my spirits. :)
  • φοβερο!!!!!!
  • Such a good song,among their best,but their new stuff is as good as anything they,ve ever done but then i am biased as James can,t do anything wrong in my eyes
  • Quite possibly my favorite James track. Seeing them close shows with this is amazing.
  • love it
  • love it!! borders on folk, very good listen~refreshing))
  • All he catches is endless rain.... endless rain
  • Love this track SO much...
  • Yes, agree it is one of their best.... one of my faves definitely.
  • superb
  • The coffee house poetry ramble presentation of the lyrics makes this song a gem.
  • One of their best, just brilliant
  • Not bad at all but a little tricky.....that guitar with the back chorus is a bit cheap
  • Come on thunder!
  • Someone once said to me "I bought James' best of album and it's got about 4 good songs on it", it was about that time I decided this person was not worth knowing.
  • Mike Scott was here
  • jak mogłem zapomniec o tym kawałku... Can hip-hopers fly like this? definitely - they CANNOT!
  • makes me go higherrrrrrrrr! Love it!
  • lets all have a dance...
  • Sometimes, when I look in your eyes I can see your soul ...
  • Gillar!
  • nice track
  • Nice
  • My favourite song by them.
  • :)
  • I want to make friends with James,but I do not know how to find him?
  • a beast of a track
  • Look in a dictionary under James - it just says perfection. www.mashedbrewery.co.uk
  • Another great Manchester band!
  • sometimes I look in your eyes, I see your soul. just lightly melodramatic, but still greatness......love the guitar riff
  • James is still one of my all time favorite bands! Love 'em!!
  • insanely good song. the video in the rain is amazing.
  • great voice, nice song
  • Antipodes integrands agitator Cit bravest, T Transportation.
  • i just love it
  • In my top 5 all time list of bands. Tim's voice is pure genius. Another brilliant live band!
  • I´ll always like this guys
  • flawless
  • Reminds me of drinking cheap cider with my mates when i was 14, happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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