• Album chart 2011

    30 Dec 2011, 03:01 by Sau3erkraut

    2011 has been an outstanding music year for me personally. I got to know and through this amazing site a bunch of new awesome musicians and 'hidden' albums and tracks from musicians I was already fond of.

    #1 James Blake - James Blake

    I never thought an album like this would take my fancy. It is in its own way very minimalistic and yet so full of musical impressions. The simple beats and heavy bass sounds throughout the album shape a perfect sound. The simplicity of the beats pays its tribute to Blake's soul voice which without any doubt completes an outstanding album that brought some very original to the big music scene. Especially The Wilhelm Scream and the two songs Lindisfarne I and Lindisfarne II show Blake's versatility. Definitely the album that surprised me the most in a very positive way. James Blake has also been very active which is a gigantic plus. The internet swells with EP's by Blake. With all these new songs and EP's Blake has had a busy year and still…
  • The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack, Season 3

    17 Sep 2011, 21:16 by SkinnyLove21