• James Taylor and His All Star Band

    3 Dec 2014, 16:06 by suzqs

    Tue 2 Dec – James Taylor and his All Star Band The All Star Band included Steve Gadd on drums and Luis Conte on percussion. The rest of the band list is here. James Taylor started a few minutes late and there was a 20 minute intermission. Even with subtracting about a half hour for all that, the show lasted 2 1/2 hours. The sound was great and James sounded great. There are only three shows left on this tour. He started with Something in the Way She Moves and Today, Today, Today and then launched into his first of five tracks from the Sweet Baby James album,Lo and Behold. The other two from that album in the first set were Country Road and Sweet Baby James. Shower the People was the last song in the first set, and is in my video.

    The second set began with a couple new songs and then came a barrage of hit after hit, including Handy Man, Steamroller again from the Sweet Baby James album and Sweet Baby James itself, and the last one from that album, Fire and Rain You can guess one of the encore songs was You've Got a Friend
  • On eighteen months of scrobbling

    31 Jul 2008, 13:58 by Eclectic-G

    July 30, 2008 marked a year and a half since my registration with last.fm. As I did at my first anniversary on January 30, I have taken a snapshot of my listening during these 18 months.

    The snapshot is composed of two lists: a list of my 25 top "artists" up to now, and a list of my 10 top tracks played.

    The information in these lists is worth what it is worth. (And that's not much.)

    Twenty-five Top "Artists"
    Here are the "artists" that I apparently have listened to most often in the last year.

    The list shows the current ranking, followed by the ranking on January 30. 2008. The number of scrobbles is listed, followed by a summary of the artist's "chart movement".

    1) (2) James Taylor, scrobbled 917 times. Up 1 position; 413 additional scrobbles.
    2) (1) Johann Sebastian Bach, scrobbled 619 times. Down 1 position; 69 additional scrobbles.
    3) (3) Carly Simon, scrobbled 608 times. Same position; 186 additional scrobbles.
  • James Taylor and His Band of Legends at the Bell Centre, Montreal

    7 Jul 2008, 20:28 by Eclectic-G

    James Taylor and His Band of Legends

    James Taylor's last visit to Montreal was in 1997, and it was with a friendly "Hi, how've you been? It's been too long." that he addressed the 8600 in the audience at the Bell Centre.

    Taylor seems to enjoy playing in Montreal, if only as it gives him the opportunity to bring out his French. Mixing his banter with English and French, translating the title of Why Baby Why as "Pourquoi bébé pourquoi", translating some jokes and teasing the audience in French, he won over his audience quickly.

    The concert was part of his summer tour to support his up-coming covers album, apparently to be called Once Again called Covers. It was the first in a series of concerts in a cross-Canada tour, and was officially part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

    Taylor was surrounded by his "Band of Legends", eleven singers and musicians in all, some of whom have accompanied him for years.

  • A Brief History Of...Singer / Songwriters

    1 Feb 2008, 05:25 by BadgerJohn31

    The description and playlist below are from the weekly radio show (A Brief History Of…) that my friend and I host on WSUM 91.7fm Madison (the University of Wisconsin's radio station). We selected songs we felt were either historically important or just representative of each specific topic. Please comment if you feel we missed something or just to give your opinion. Remember, however, that we do this show in an hour (about 50 minutes of music). Track length is a major factor in our decisions (shorter is usually better). Thanks!

    A Brief History of…Singer / Songwriters challenges the narrow view that most singer/songwriters were overly sensitive and obnoxiously introspective. The first half of the show describes the origins of the genre (and the stereotype). One segment of the show emphasizes that the singer/songwriter genre is a rare one in which women have had an equal opportunity to succeed. The final portion shows that the genre was much broader than it is often given credit for; some singer/songwriters knew how to rock. …
  • On a year of scrobbling (updated)

    31 Jan 2008, 15:40 by Eclectic-G

    January 30, 2008 was the first anniversary of my registration with last.fm. In honour of this major milestone, I thought that I would take a snapshot of my listening during this first year. If I am still scrobbling in one year's time, I will be able to look back on this snapshot to see how it has evolved.

    The snapshot is composed of two lists: a list of my 25 top "artists" up to now, and a list of my 10 top tracks played. (Updated: This journal was originally based on the latest information that last.fm was able to provide to me, dated January 28, 2008. It has since been updated with the information dated January 31, 2008.)

    The information in these lists is worth what it is worth. (And that's not much.) In my last.fm career I have learnt that one cannot put too much credence in the statistics last.fm provides. The problems that I have noted include:

    - Tracks being played and but not being scrobbled. (The first case of this that I noted was early in my career. …
  • Ultimate Vampire List

    11 Jul 2007, 22:05 by beaubier

    Most of my lists, as should now be evident, consist of Vampire lists. I tried to write the individual ones before but they are just too extensive now for me to really keep up with it-- everyone has over 200 songs on their list and the more music I get the more ridiculous it gets. So I've decided to amuse myself by posting top tens for each right here. Mainly because I need a break from the Sadism of Aldo's book (the more research you do, the more you start to think it's really not so bad...)

    Anyhow, these lists I can probably manage to keep updated, as opposed to the all-inclusive ones I was going for before, which are freaking impossible at this point. (I know no one but me cares. Fuck off.) I tried to keep it to one song per band per list, but some of them just needed doing.

    1. Hysteria (for Gianni... Jesus, that's a good one too)
    2. Hello (for general retardation)
    3. Lucky Man (for all the things he finally understands)
  • It's About You?!

    26 Apr 2006, 22:54 by Carali