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  • Avatar for ifitwasntforarf
    Nobody does it better than James LaBrie.
  • Avatar for FallingPT
    Fantastic musician as we can hear in his last album
  • Avatar for metaloly999
    His debut as Mullmuzzler is much better IMO ._.
  • Avatar for Pater_Seminos
    The greatest tragedy of my life is how James LaBrie's hair lost its splendour
  • Avatar for Amadis33
    My favorite band of 2015... my ears are greatfull
  • Avatar for anny_petrucciDT
    James LaBrie ♥
  • Avatar for Jet_666
    Elements of Persuasion is the best... the rest are nowhere near as strong.
  • Avatar for NargaCuuga
    sounds like... Progressive Melodic Death Metal? CMIIW
  • Avatar for danycrusher
    Please read my review of Creation's End new album METAPHYSICAL
  • Avatar for Thradar
    Honestly, some of his solo work is better than a lot of DT albums, especially their later ones.
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Agony +
  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]Dream Theater or Symphony X?[/url]
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    I still enjoy the albums though
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    Eh...i'm not really a fan of the harsh vocals. I have no problem with screaming, I just don't like the guy's screaming voice.
  • Avatar for Sukkela
    Impermanent Resonance is one of the best albums ever, gotta love James.
  • Avatar for ryujijitei
    If Impermanent Resonance wasn't so painfully poppy, I would probably like it a lot more.
  • Avatar for michciu4
    "Why" is so damn good
  • Avatar for JoaoPirucas
    @itsNort: It's Peter Wildoer
  • Avatar for Thradar
    I prefer Elements of Persuasion, but they're all good.
  • Avatar for Eddie_imp
    very well!
  • Avatar for itsNort
    Is James does extreme vocals on some songs like Letting Go? :O
  • Avatar for Jannemannen62
    Awesome work James...
  • Avatar for Karen_Helena
  • Avatar for flori_hedig
    German review for the new album online at "Impermanent Resonance" gets 8 out of 10!
  • Avatar for michciu4
    'Back On The Ground' is so catchy, even more than 'Mislead'
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    "Static Impulse' still my fave, but the new is decent as well
  • Avatar for Ariadnedt
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    For me "Impermanent Resonance" is better than each DT album but that's a matter of taste. I also love DT
  • Avatar for G00G
  • Avatar for sirhc1982
    Good album. Looking forward to the new DT album, and the new Haken album as well.
  • Avatar for BlackMetallizer
    The new album is very good, not as awesome as previous but still good.
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    Very solid new Labrie album. Hopefully the new DT in September will be equally good,
  • Avatar for Cynical_Man
    I think the best album of 2013 so far, damn good solid thing
  • Avatar for derpswrath
    I have to agree with Impermanent Resonance being his best solo album yet. Many people I know think Labrie is the weakest link in Dream Theater, but with his solo work I don't see how they can say that. My favorite artist right here, rock on Labrie.
  • Avatar for sammy1971
    Fucking love the new album!!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów James LaBrie
  • Avatar for doom777
    not bad... not bad at all
  • Avatar for Shaqayeqe
    Better than DT? :o as funny as saying thumb is better than hand!
  • Avatar for SkipChanDesu
    Amazing album :)
  • Avatar for Rafaelfirmino__
    Bonus: unraveling: why:
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    Ah thanks for the info Meat_Wolf, that kind of explains that then... :P
  • Avatar for GB-1993
    Impermanent Resonance is in my opinion, his best solo work yet.
  • Avatar for StoatBox
    Decent album
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    "A lot of the riffs on this sound very reminiscent of the latest couple of Soilwork albums" — Peter Wichers contributed on songwriting and guitar recording.
  • Avatar for Ehana
    Big JLB fan here ... but after having listened to Agony a couple of times, I was worried the new album might sound like Static Impulse Part 2. Luckily I was wrong as Impermanent Resonance is more JLB and less Peter Wildoer (which doesn't mean I didn't like Static Impulse or the growling on it). So far, I've only listened to the new album once, but I found myself instantly liking lots of the new songs. JLB has much more opportunity to show off his awesome voice than on Static Impulse. I guess I'll be giving this one a spin quite a lot in the weeks to come.
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    Baffled by the tags on here. Progressive metal? Wut? Just because he's in Dream Theater doesn't make this progressive metal... it's pretty much a textbook example of modern melodeath. Except with even less death.
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    I despise Dead by April, their stripped down, pop heavy sound just irritates me. It sounds like they're not even trying. I can't say the same about Soilwork, or this really. A lot of the riffs on this sound very reminiscent of the latest couple of Soilwork albums, to the point where I'd believe it was one of the same guitarists if I didn't know otherwise.
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    Lol'd at Soilwork and Dead By April. Really made my day.
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Impermanent Resonance is ok, a bit of progression from Static Impulse. Main inspiration was obviously Dead by April/Soilwork with more of the former, Guillory is not such a great modern metal composer as Pontus Hjelm but he's learning quick, some songs are pretty killer (Agony, I Got You). Fillers are present though the general level is above average. Not much more to say, if you like recent Soilwork efforts and Dead by April, check this.
  • Avatar for rockcyber


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