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  • thomas-anders

    I Love every moment of this song.

    November 2013
  • JanThompa

    This is his best !!

    June 2012
  • JanThompa

    Love this !!

    June 2012
  • JanThompa

    Brilliant song writer !!

    May 2012
  • JanThompa

    Brilliant lyrics very cryptic !!

    April 2012
  • supersteveme

    I cant either because I skipped it

    February 2012
  • metalprincess6

    Amazing Song

    November 2010
  • K_Neka

    :-) Excellent!!!

    December 2009
  • LaulieX3

    p4tyk I agree ;D

    November 2009
  • p4tyk

    In the beginning of song.

    July 2009
  • p4tyk

    This melody is like melody from James Bond ;D

    July 2009
  • NeoOneNil

    Thankyou james hillier blount for writing this song about mE

    April 2009
  • Oogles

    I agree with 1Ems, sometimes ol' James make you wanna lop yer ears off and bang your head so you don't have to remember how sad it is... But this song is fab!

    March 2009
  • dachengel

    In my opinion: well done James Blunt!

    February 2009
  • 1Ems

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it. a james blunt tune i can actually tolerate. a james blunt tune i don't want to chop my ears off to. a james blunt tune i actually... like

    July 2008
  • sunrise21

    it's not truth!!!

    June 2008
  • dluuu

    itsacool song new sensational singer

    March 2008
  • zyrex

    I heard this song for the first time in January 2006 at his concert in Oslo, and ever since have I been longing for it. It's so nice, and I have no words atm.. Finally being able to hear it again.. <3

    September 2007