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  • Avatar for S_B_B
    According Jakko Jakszyk's spiritual parents and their incredible history and heritage check -> Spyra (root of Jakszyk family) link!
  • Avatar for Josueatthebb
  • Avatar for mariovera69
    Grande Mel Collins,muy bueno
  • Avatar for RichardRZ
    Amazing album
  • Avatar for pawellod
    Outstanding album. Fripp makes gold as always.
  • Avatar for krycha1212
    Great Mel's work on this album.
  • Avatar for UnaLaguna
    A few nice moments here and there, but overall pretty mediocre, I'm disappointed to say.
  • Avatar for coltraneisgod
    pretty generic. collins transform this into muzak.
  • Avatar for leechoflife
    v Very true and very well said.
  • Avatar for FlyMeToTheSun
    This might be an odd comparison to make, but I found A Scarcity of Miracles to be aesthetically similar to late Talk Talk. Not a bad thing at all. Good album. Wrongheaded to assert that this is anymore Crimson than any of the other ProjeKts though. I hope we aren't doomed to have this "is it Crimson or not?" debate for the rest of our lives. (Or Fripp's...)
  • Avatar for derausgewandert
    first I heard it I thought of some mellow pieces by Earthworks (Bruford). It's different
  • Avatar for The_Forgotton
    For me, there is WAY too much Collins, not enough Harrison or Levin. Jakko's voice sounds great but the ever present saxophone noodling got on my nerves very quickly.
  • Avatar for ThaatsDerringer
    a genial project.
  • Avatar for pilot_kameleon
    Four review:
  • Avatar for zmechanic
  • Avatar for Graczu
    Whole album (but the title song especially) is a BEATIFUL piece of music. Beatiful, I mean - the music to feel, not only to listen.
  • Avatar for MivkoVanMikko
  • Avatar for syd_linoge
    Это ж просто праздник какой-то!
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    @Onthewall I think of "On An Island" as Gilmour's more personal version of Division Bell. This is kind of the more slower, more personal version of ThraK.
  • Avatar for onthewall2983
    "I suppose it compares to King Crimson in the same way that On An Island compares to genuine Pink Floyd." That's spot on. On An Island conjures a lot of Floyd comparisons, but in some ways it's vastly different. Same with this record. I can't really even think of much old KC to compare it to. It's more in line with Fripp's ambient work, especially with Eno.
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    King Crimson explodes a lot. This doesn't explode but it's still very Crimson for some reason.
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    I was the 4th listener, hehe :)
  • Avatar for costniack
    I really don't enjoy the vocals, but the whole album reminds me of gone to earth. great album.
  • Avatar for Hello1994
    This album is great, but it's a little too mellow. And it should last much longer. I want more!!
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    @lobo2190 you kidding me? Listen to the title track of Red and tell me it's similar. That's a hard rock album, this is soft/ambient.
  • Avatar for Echlackowalex
    Очень напоминает*ProjeKct six*
  • Avatar for lobo2190
    well, the voice is similar to wetton, this album is very similar to Red for me
  • Avatar for Asmasis
    voice is not bad, but it's not for KC, not for KC Project. it's too faint and soft.
  • Avatar for lobo2190
    Jakko have a wonderful voice :-D, the sax is incredible
  • Avatar for Ar7sH
    god bless u for us
  • Avatar for diego-villota
    está del putas... no puedo dejar de escucharlo...
  • Avatar for pinkiiiFR
    This House <3
  • Avatar for psih-ad
    вокал не очень
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    dang... that's awesome.. but doesn't compare to this: :P
  • Avatar for rbx
    Of course they had. :DDD
  • Avatar for Akayz7 Really good music video too. Has KC ever had a music video before? :D
  • Avatar for rbx
    I think Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins is the most appropriate name. Anyway, it's not so important. Music always come first. ASoM is one of the greatest albums I heard in years. Well done lads :)
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    @LuKchoG There are multiple ProjeKcts, this is not a case of arguing the band name because it is credited on the box as Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins.
  • Avatar for LuKchoG
    Is "A King Crimson ProjeKct".... NOT "Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins". Thank you.
  • Avatar for leechoflife
    Fabulous work!
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    The Light Of Day is the greatest King Crimson song in decades. It is amazing. Played the album 3 times through already :V
  • Avatar for M0Duss
    A Scarcity of Miracles... is the best song I heard this year... the frippertronic soundscapes in the beginning give the song so much mystery... real supreme
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    Great Breed of King Crimson.
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    That was awesome. Thank you King Crimson. :)

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