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 +Jaja has hard a hard upbringing and has made the most of what he has got. Apparently he is meant to be in one of the most feared men in the UK however, his music is where he lies he is making new deep tunes all the time so LOOK OUT FOR HIM!

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Current Version (version 3, 2 Sep 2013, 02:55) @jajapdc Jaja Soze real name Elijah Kerr was born in Birmingham in the early eighties and moved to Brixton, South London in the early nineties. Since then Jaja has been one of the most controversial figures to appear from the UK street culture, as one of the founders of the PDC movement originally known to the media as one of the most notorious gangs in the u.k, in which Jaja later turned into a legitimate independent recording label now known as PDC Music Label. Jaja makes for an interesting and literate guest, appealing to people of the mass ages, and unusually connecting with young adults and those from urban built areas. His background started off rocky, and Jaja Soze found himself in prison twice after wrong doings, then eventually coming out and turning his life around. He has since become a key figure in the UK as an Underground hip hop artist, activist and a business man, becoming involved in Mix tape projects, DVDs, Films and has recently released a book, rightly named ‘Street Boys’ published by Harper Collins – and ghost written by the Bafta award winner Tim Pritchard. Jaja Soze has built an entertaining guest reputation, appearing on London Tonight, Sky News, MTV, Channel U and the BBC – plus numerous radio stations including Choice FM and BBC London, he also has a number of mix tapes under his belt of which have done very well in the hip hop underground scene. Jaja has done interviews for most leading UK newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times, This is London, London Paper plus many tabloids. He was recently invited to the House of Commons along with Jesse Jackson to discuss his views on gun and crime prevention. And has organized and been involved in some major charity projects to help guide and inspire young people so they can progress in there communities. His latest album "the last message" came in at the international hiphop charts, And introduced fans to his new love for poetry and spoken word. Jaja is an artist who is not scared to speak on some of the most controversial issues the world is facing hence why he has been reviewed as one of the U.K most controversial and outspoken individuals.