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  • Avatar for CovinS2
    Glacier Song blows my mind. Probably my favorite track.
  • Avatar for Subsevenn
    I like your music. If you are interested, we might be able to do a feature on you for my website. Throw me a pm if you're interested and I will give you the details.
  • Avatar for CovinS2
    I uber-dig Masika
  • Avatar for kostasstoziss
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    The new album is a breath of fresh air.
  • Avatar for Yar-Bree-Har
    Boring. Cutesy Anime sounding so so music. I really hate it when people like you advertise your work on famous artists pages. That's the only reason I even listened to one song. [2]
  • Avatar for Krzyhuu
    Amazing tracks, I'm so glad that I discovered him on youtube (by accident) ! Why I can't scrobble his music? When I'm looking into Scroobling program I see some kind of error about the tags or something. Greets again Man! :)
  • Avatar for qorianisme
    dude, you are one of my trip-hop favourite artist. You are talented!
  • Avatar for Jenny_Babydoll
    Relaxing Music..)
  • Avatar for vfxnirvana
    Wow men I hear you FB tracks and they're are Amazing!!!! :D Love the tunes!!!! Keep it up!!! and DJ Krush is GOD!!!!! Later Bro!
  • Avatar for Mindprowler
    Beautiful music, very glad I found it.
  • Avatar for Tribalfunk
    Love the music. You will be huge one day
  • Avatar for BarackFlowbama
    I was a fan from the second I heard the basslines.
  • Avatar for DeeViant1
    Boring. Cutesy Anime sounding so so music. I really hate it when people like you advertise your work on famous artists pages. That's the only reason I even listened to one song.
  • Avatar for TheReda
    so so
  • Avatar for reimusho
  • Avatar for NeLicica
    this is really amazing, keep on good work
  • Avatar for sha-wu
  • Avatar for JerryMusique
  • Avatar for Martus0
    gr8 music
  • Avatar for RockaBlocka
    this. is. awesome.
  • Avatar for jibiju
    i usually hate guys that advertises on a famous musicians but your music simply deserves more. good job listen to this guy :P
  • Avatar for Hetekivi
    Glacier song reminds me very much of a song from the Silent Hill-series... Uh, scaaary =P
  • Avatar for andtigers
    another genius found thru advertising @_@;
  • Avatar for prosken
    just got a link to here and the sample sound great. If my connection would be so nice to download the albums a little bit faster it would be totally awesome. I think I'm gonna enjoy this one! Btw, cry me a river is already an awesome song in itself, though I must admit it's great sampling to (cfr "kiss kiss bang bang" by" High Contrast")
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    v that makes a match-maker for me, then. I live for this stuff.
  • Avatar for KinomiyaMichiru
    It's interesting. Most of this is kind of a calm type of music with a beat over it. It'd be good to listen to, to go to sleep.
  • Avatar for CookieD0ugh
    Nothing short of fantastic, imo
  • Avatar for CovinS
    Every person I've introduced Jae Moon to has appreciated at least one dynamic of his diverse material; most appreciate the majority.
  • Avatar for CovinS
    I need more. All I have is Aimi and It's All Good, Baby, and they are amazing. But. i need more
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    Success is rising, Jae
  • Avatar for Zyt3x
    just discovered jae moon, got hooked instantly! His flow must be from another dimension!
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
    Yes... This is the kind of music I need in my collection. Thanks a lot :)
  • Avatar for VoidTemplar
    Haven't had a chance to listen to the whole It's All Good, Baby. First song from Aimi got me hooked.
  • Avatar for VoidTemplar
    Dude, I just got the two listed albums. Loving Aimi so far. Nice job!
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    Vespertine is so dark and beautiful.
  • Avatar for Droboski
    Cry Cry Cry...very fly production, keep doin what your doin. Thanks for the free download!
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    CryYyYyy me a riverRrRrRrRrRrRrrr. so BEAUTIFUL!!!! You choose excellent samples, my friend.
  • Avatar for clown__
    what software do you use?
  • Avatar for clown__
    love the super strut sample, nicely done.
  • Avatar for Banou2
    awesome !
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    An impressive 5,000 scrobbles.
  • Avatar for lavyabuddha
    zip files, aimi: it's all good, baby:
  • Avatar for titoskunD
    Where are you from?....send the .zip link for your downloads, greetings :)
  • Avatar for Icestorm1992
    Did you Sample "Take a While" by Lemongrass on "Truth Dub"?
  • Avatar for Icestorm1992
    I love the "Frosti" sample from Vespertine. The opening 10 seconds from "Cocoon" is great too. What do you use to make beats? Software? Equipment?
  • Avatar for piacharlottepia
  • Avatar for artesDj
    nice work! good luck in your creation!
  • Avatar for ostinstar77
    good) i liked it)
  • Avatar for Drew8808
    these downloads are really slow, having a zipped album would be really cool. i liked everything i heard so far keep up the good work


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