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  • Avatar for Bradrb17
    Top 5 DOA is an okay album, but how can you call your album that and have 2 solo songs. There should be 3 features at most, especially considering most of them bring the song down. The song with Jeezy is cool though and Jason / Kill have great beats and Jada verses, but Wayne and Swizz just don't fit.
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    The Champ is Here
  • Avatar for Illitoris
    lol at OG Gurda, i like this kid ::robert de niro talking about spider in goodfellas voice::
  • Avatar for Illitoris
    was/still/will always be: L.E.G.E.N.D.
  • Avatar for iZZidane
    Don't make me put your heart in your lap / Fuck riding a beat nigga I parallel park on the track
  • Avatar for philipsemmler
    Hey! Would you mind helping me suggest auto correction from "Jadakiss Feat. Sheek Louch" ( ---> "Jadakiss" ( Thank you so much in advance
  • Avatar for eric_montana
    weak albums. mixtapes and features are hard as fuck though.
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    wack as fuck man? yo b fuck outta here...
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    wack as fuck man
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    [New] Papoose ft Jadakiss & Jim Jones - 6AM (Video)
  • Avatar for halcyon441
    Top 5 alive at least.
  • Avatar for jack_the_R
    Letter To B.I.G. ♥
  • Avatar for mackcee
  • Avatar for Lys0L
    Please retire
  • Avatar for hazeblaza
    one of the most underated rappers
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    Top 5 DOA? People who think this might need to listen to some more hip hop
  • Avatar for TheBrandyBoy
    Who's Real ♥
  • Avatar for Pornocrade
    the champ is here 3!!!
  • Avatar for Gawel_tell_eM
    consignment <3
  • Avatar for GameTheory29
    The Consignment is disappointing. The collaborators sound more at home over the productions than he does.
  • Avatar for Adsj18
    New Mixtape is great
  • Avatar for Sleepchk
    New mixtape. Stay tuned
  • Avatar for CircusRock
    Jadakiss - Consignment -
  • Avatar for TaylorGangJetss new mixtape Cosignment out now!
  • Avatar for KDgoHARD
  • Avatar for cassidy10711
    jay to da muahh hustle coke ride or die, kiss handwash money let it drip dry.
  • Avatar for jon41509
  • Avatar for amanante
  • Avatar for Unterschleif
    I cant see him anywhere near my top 50 DOA
  • Avatar for Ariues
    i hate his voice
  • Avatar for Boss-U
    Toast To That
  • Avatar for theLaStMC
    Top 5 D.O.A
  • Avatar for editwikipedia
    put my life on it soon as you sit it in the hot water all you gotta do is put the ice on it i been givin it to niggas for years im responsible for niggas careers
  • Avatar for Liverpoolets
    в составе группы The LOX. ахахахаха ебать
  • Avatar for theLaStMC
    invisible turban al-queda jada ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Avatar for trillmatic3
    ahhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Avatar for Righteouse
    Thank you for the Co-Sign, official hosting of Coast 2 Coast vol 171. D-Block all day, Keep it strong!
  • Avatar for KoldShadow
    R0FLMA0 @ "Jay Jerkin' (Skit)" being in the top 10 tracks from the last 6 months . . . "We'll be RAPING YOU RAPING YOU RAPING YOU RAPING YOU RAPING YOU RAPING YOU RAPING YOU . . .!" X-D
  • Avatar for leathel
  • Avatar for RazeGT
    Why is my fave too lol
  • Avatar for kobe2449
    Why isn't "Why" number 1 lol
  • Avatar for bochka69
    Top 5 Dead or Alive and thats just of one LP [1] <---- keep it goin if you love jada
  • Avatar for BloodMoney2K10
    "Toast To That", "In These Streets", "Lay Em Down" are worth a download, the rest is cool but not his best
  • Avatar for hoodbrilliance
    Is the mixtape worth a download? I'm big Jada fan, but still...
  • Avatar for theLaStMC
    In these streets, Gone too long, How 2 Feel are the nicest songs from I Love You.
  • Avatar for DStyles23
    What are you guys talking about? The tape is at least a 4 out of 5.
  • Avatar for editwikipedia
    puffin 111ths used to roll 3 out a dime
  • Avatar for PWNdestroyPWN
    Everywhere we goooo/people wanna knowwwww/ WHO we areeee so we tell them THIS IS D-BLOCK MIGHTY MIGHTY D BLOCK [2] In These Streets is fuckin' awesome. Still need to listen to the rest of the mixtape though.
  • Avatar for doomzmaster
    Everywhere we goooo/people wanna knowwwww/ WHO we areeee so we tell them THIS IS D-BLOCK MIGHTY MIGHTY D BLOCK
  • Avatar for dizzY4111
    Not sure what he was thinking with this "I Love You" shit.


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