• RECongress

    Feb 7 2006, 7:31 di darinae

    I registered for RECongress today, and I learned that the Youth Day was already full by January 11. This means I won't be seeing Jacob and Matthew live. I got their latest album the last time I saw them live (which was at a Youth Day in Bakersfield), but they played some new songs that aren't on an album yet. I wanted to go to hear those songs again. And to see them live again, of course.

    Ultimately, I'm saddened.

    I will, however, see Danielle Rose again live. First time (and the last time) I saw her was at World Youth Day catechesis in Germany. Her "Pink" song is the best. She MC-ed with another guy whose name I forgot (and I'd definitely like to remember) who was really really energetic.

    Despite not seeing Jacob and Matthew, I'm still looking forward to RECongress.