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Once upon a time,outsiders flocked to NY's East Village to forge new
directions in music. This was a time when no one would associate Avril
Lavigne with punk or DYI alternative music with any formula. This time
has mostly passed away except for the modern masters, who still follow
their own artistic muse with complete disregard for the values of the
market place.These highly developed voices still forge their music with
no allegiance outside of the the voice of their muse.
Jack McKeever is one of these entities. Sophisticated, deeply connected
to the history of pop, soul, and  blues and  one of the most unique
voices in pop music bar none.
Mckeever's music, supported by one of the best trios on earth with Bill
Dobrow on drums, Jimi Zhivago on guitar and
Dom Richards on standup bass is both other wordly and grounded in an
almost baroque emotional reality.
Half trance, part portal to near akashic levels, to experience the
music of Jack McKeever when supported by Zhivago, Richards and Dobrow
is to enter a musical realty informed by politics, sociology,
philosophy but beholden to none of those sources.
What can I say in normal words about an experience that trancends words?
Poet Ira Cohen said it best when he stated : 'A non psychedelic can
never enlighten a psychedelic.'
The only question that remains is: Are you experienced?

Penny Arcade London  November 24th 2007

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