• top 4

    4 Jan 2009, 22:57 by nrogersc

    Post the top ten bands/artists on your profile:
    1. the first song you heard of theirs,
    2. the song that made you fall in love with this artist,
    3. and your current favorite.

    1. Jack Johnson
    - first: Breakdown
    - love: Flake
    - current: What You Thought You Need

    2. Soda Stereo
    - first: Persiana Americana
    - love: 2, Juegos De Seducción y Entre Caníbales
    - current: Un Millón De Años Luz

    3. Gustavo Cerati
    - first: Puente
    - love: Sulky
    - current: Colores Santos

    4. Teleradio Donoso
    - first: Pitica
    - love: Eras mi persona favorita
    - current: como que ninguna... mm.. Gran Santiago
  • rearviewmirror: music | 2008

    28 Dec 2008, 11:31 by brushfired

    Hey everyone, it's coming close to the end of 2008 and (like many others), I'd like to share MY favorite albums that came out of this year:

    TOP 30

    1. For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver
    Key Tunes: Re: Stacks, Flume, Blindsided and the rest of the album

    http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/ciu/93/de/71de810ae7a0c3d603f69110._AA240_.L.jpg or
    I think this album is just awesome from start to end. It is a conceptual album and the music is incredibly driven, soulful, raw, emotive, dark, haunting, desolate, and undeniably beautiful. Justin's lyrics are bizaare, poetic, abstract, deep and heartbreakingly intense in the best way imaginable - there's enough audible intention behind them.
    I will admit, the very first time I heard him sing; I was a little thrown off by his style and use of falsetto - It took me about two listens before I was fully in love.
  • Marriage & Music (First Gig! kinda, sorta)

    14 Apr 2008, 20:04 by drewnew

    The last few days have been busy. My good friend Tyler got married last Saturday (April 12, 2008; Congratulations Tyler & Holly!) and I got to be one of his groomsman!

    So my weekend began on Thursday. Tyler planned on having a few of us play a couple songs together during the reception, but because of school I hadn't been able to practice with the rest of the band; Thursday had to be my one and only practice session with the gang. Luckily I knew the songs (They were all Jack Johnson songs to prepare for their Hawaiian Honeymoon). We went over to Jason's house to jam and I had a blast! I could've played all night!

    Friday was the rehearsal dinner. I had never stood up in a wedding, so I was a little nervous and confused as to what to do. I spent Friday night at Dan's house where Tyler and I went over the songs one last time.

    On Saturday all the groomsman went out for breakfast then went over to the hotel to get into our tuxes. …
  • My new fave song...

    10 Feb 2008, 22:21 by Vicky_Hewson

    What You Thought You Need - Jack Johnson

    Well I can’t give you everything you want
    But I could give you what you thought you need
    A map to keep beneath your seat
    You’ll read to me in time I’ll get you there
    But fold it up so we don’t find
    Our way back soon nobody knows we’re here

    We can park the van and walk to town
    Find the cheapest bottle of wine that we could find
    And talk about the road behind
    How getting lost is not a waste of time
    Le Bois d’ amour will take us home
    In the moment we will sing as the forest sleeps

    It’s all for the sake of arriving with you

    Well I will make the table into a bed
    The candle is burning down it’s time to rest
    I can’t take back things already gone
    But I could give you promises for keeps
    And I would only take them back
    If they become your own and you give them to me

    And it’s all for the sake of arriving with you
    Well it’s all for the sake of arriving with you
    We could make this into anything
    We could make this into more than words we speak