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  • Avatar for Carlotacc
  • Avatar for Slowmo_andreas
    this song is addicting *.*
  • Avatar for reagan0
    Great song! If only Jack had written it twelve years earlier....
  • Avatar for melloyello41
    i love this song!
  • Avatar for jetgar
    GREAT TRACK......;-)
  • Avatar for gyp2662
    Playin the fool,,,,,,
  • Avatar for theviperchick
    JJ everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for HockeyStud
    I cant always be waiting on you.........
  • Avatar for AneezMom
  • Avatar for gib_l
    but I'm already down, just wait a minute...
  • Avatar for lotus-kid
    I feel guilty when I like Jack Johnson songs. [2] :)
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    I feel guilty when I like Jack Johnson songs. It's a personal problem, I know.
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    I gave your friends all a chance, putting up with them wasn't worth ever having you. I was familiar with that once...I look back and laugh now
  • Avatar for AngelicaDesiree
    gosto demais da voz de Jack
  • Avatar for annaXantidote
    I just love, love, love Jack.
  • Avatar for Dekonia
    Like it! bd
  • Avatar for krizzleface
  • Avatar for starfloka
    sitting, waiting, wishing, fishing...
  • Avatar for CandlewickPiano
    yay! awesome!
  • Avatar for Grazynit
    very cool
  • Avatar for bulletblueskye
    meh. he's a little too overrated in my opinion, but that still doesn't mean that he's not a good artist. (: this song is catchy, too.
  • Avatar for katronimo
    :> hihi nice song
  • Avatar for zypp33
    great voice,great song.
  • Avatar for rachelsass
    nice one. lots of folks make people wait-hate that. who would ever make J.J. wait? jeez...
  • Avatar for PatKac
    great to chill
  • Avatar for CocoaSkim
    Ah great song :)
  • Avatar for AliceHatt
  • Avatar for smee85
    Live: [track artist=Jack Johnson]Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Barcelona, Spain[/track]
  • Avatar for Blackeyedjen
    Don't even think about thinking about it. :-*
  • Avatar for InAtmosphere-
    Ahh, I love this!
  • Avatar for DJDReW3102
    love this one
  • Avatar for Earth_to_Mars
    I bought "In Between Dreams" a week ago - love it! :)
  • Avatar for yuri_naito
  • Avatar for theviperchick
  • Avatar for patambre
    dooopppphhhh...newby got carried away...Fun song jack, and now listening, I know lots more about Jack...
  • Avatar for patambre
    Thanks WAYNO Wahoo...the reasonable alternative to Itunes...(iTunes=right up there with a blown out flipflop.)
  • Avatar for engelnit
    Great song / Linda canção
  • Avatar for msjbean
    The video for this song is pretty neat as well.
  • Avatar for marcy50
    Neat song,,love his voice!
  • Avatar for giselleo
    great song!
  • Avatar for Sheena90
    love it :)
  • Avatar for gamegod13
    Good song love it
  • Avatar for zanna618
    sadly the answer is usually always yes...yes you
  • Avatar for MariesMadeOfWax
    can't stop listining to this all the time ♫
  • Avatar for jackjohnsonguy
    wow this song rocks
  • Avatar for harriet58
    i'm waiting too
  • Avatar for sleepycrush
    so good............"playing your fool"
  • Avatar for annaXantidote
    My favorite track by him (:
  • Avatar for IRSARGE
    always be waiting,waiting on You
  • Avatar for marcy50
    Waiting and wondering is miserable! Can relate to this one..he is a neat singer!


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