• Jack Johnson @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl

    26 Mar 2008, 03:11 by eides

    It was once pointed out to me that I'm too soft on crowds in my journals. So this time, I'm not holding back.

    Notes to the crowd:
    just because we're outdoors, it doesn't mean it's ok for you to smoke.smoking in my face is not cool.holding your cigarette inches from my jumper is not cool.talking on your phone is not cool.talking on your phone during Banana Pancakes is definitely not cool.talking to your friends is not cool.raising your voice over the performance so your mates can hear you while you talk is definitely not cool.standing up when there is hundreds of people sitting behind you is not cool.

    and my name is Jack...

    Jack Johnson was awesome. He played all the big songs and plenty from the new album. Matt Costa, who performed earlier in the evening joined him for a few tracks.
    G.Love also surprised the crowd with a few songs alongside Jack. He played a lengthy set with his band, before taking a brief break. Then lights were dimmed and the stage was lit by fairy lights for…