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  • Avatar for G0dL0vesUgly
    v Word.
  • Avatar for IMP3R14L
    New album is fire...
  • Avatar for KillaShamrock
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    New album is excellent.
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    J-Live - "Around The Sun (Solstice)"
  • Avatar for uknoww1212
    money matters is dope! [2]
  • Avatar for piccochimusic
    CunninLynguists & J-Live: Strange Universe West Coast Tour w/ Special Guests
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    money matters is dope! oddisee came hard on this beat :D
  • Avatar for AmMoKk
    The newtime Goethe!!
  • Avatar for TheAbbott
    Longevity is what he has stood for since day one, every release is dope. Every next time I play him, I feel the same, man one of the illest mcs on planet Earth!
  • Avatar for DickBigems
    S.P.T.A. was pretty solid from what I remember, but definitely not the best release of '11. undun has that title.
  • Avatar for ninetythreeTIL
    one of the best emcees of all time
  • Avatar for Serikabd
    Why I have not heard you before?
  • Avatar for son-of-hiphop
    A real poet on the mic. [3]
  • Avatar for Brannu
    Supa MC
  • Avatar for aarONE119
    i met him. hes the man
  • Avatar for Mihhu & up!
  • Avatar for esshoe
    true school
  • Avatar for JustDealWithIt
    A real poet on the mic.
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    I don't know which is best... The Best Part of All Of the Above. I definitely listen to the latter less, somehow I think it is more cohesive. Both are masterpieces of contemporary east-coast hip-hop.
  • Avatar for SupahDonkeh
    Where's Braggin' Writes in the top tracks??? It's my favourite song of his.
  • Avatar for TheLukieBoi1
  • Avatar for tyrealg
    Vote for the hottest rapper in the game. Voting ends March 8th.
  • Avatar for Voltagx
    dont play's a great track
  • Avatar for snowballfudge
    Is there a "How I Feel Pt. 2"?
  • Avatar for snowballfudge
    Only just discovered S.P.T.A. - better late than never I guess. Nice touch at the end of "The Authentic", hearing the other side of the phone convo of "The Way That I Rhyme".
  • Avatar for Atruejedi
    Anyone wanna go see J on March 30 in Pittsburgh at the Shadow Lounge?
  • Avatar for jussi_m
    S.P.T.A. is the shit! Best hip hop album of 2011? Probably.
  • Avatar for AJulian
    Uh, J-Live is from the NYC Philson91 so that's probably why.
  • Avatar for iamthegif
    I saw a video from homey on another site made come here to add him to my library.
  • Avatar for Philson91
    i don't know why but whenever i listen to j-live, i wanna go to new england. i feel this fits eastcoast better than westcoast, don't wanna bring up hate here though.
  • Avatar for uknoww1212
    i just got mine. gonna get some serious play.
  • Avatar for AJulian
    S.P.T.A. is what's up, I got the signed double album of it. Dopeness. Been spinning that, the new People Under The Stairs "Highlighter" a lot as well as a bunch of other stuff that came out that week.
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    dope ass album!!!
  • Avatar for callcollectplz
    Pronounced Spitta.
  • Avatar for deworde
    True. Incredibly good album.
  • Avatar for jmj540
    The best album to be released on 9/27. Yes, even better than Phonte, 9th, and J. Cole.
  • Avatar for Brannu
    New album is so dope. cop it and rock it.
  • Avatar for Philson91
    i love this dude's music.
  • Avatar for AJulian
  • Avatar for AJulian
    Been spinning that mixtape a lot lately. SPTA better not get delayed again though! >:|
  • Avatar for Moment_of_Truth
    New Mixtape:
  • Avatar for blksbeautiful
    S.P.T.A. pushed to 9/27/11
  • Avatar for aarONE119
    ridic wordplay
  • Avatar for AJulian
    S.P.T.A. - August 23rd, 2011
  • Avatar for Nfeeltraita
    One of the illest rhymers man!
  • Avatar for RayKak
    jesus christ top 10 all time?
  • Avatar for uknoww1212
    can't wait for new shit J's always comes correct w/true NY sound
  • Avatar for KingHeff
    arguably one of the best alive
  • Avatar for AdultAbuse
    this nigga got no swag whatsoever


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