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    vote (Y) for this pic:
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    Learn to Internet
  • Avatar for rebelrayeraye
    "Moar liek"? Learn how to spell.
  • Avatar for royceDGAF
    he's so amazing.<3
  • Avatar for g0r177az
    Moar liek SHIT LIST!
  • Avatar for Hawkdaddyfoolz
    I have never wanted to kill someone so much than I want to kill this "person"
  • Avatar for SubUmbra
    Fucking f-list self proclaimed internet celebrity. Makes my skin crawl.
  • Avatar for simonisland2010
    I know its not like anyone wants his shitty shit as ringtones
  • Avatar for DeathAkerfeldt
    "J Bigga’s Free Ringtone Policy" Who gives a fuck?
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  • Avatar for DeathAkerfeldt
  • Avatar for adam_wrong
    "J Bigga’s Free Ringtone Policy" Who gives a fuck?
  • Avatar for mohEsca
    i love j dilla [3]
  • Avatar for daviejr
    I like how his bio is extremely self serving, but pretends to be written by someone else.
  • Avatar for adam_wrong
    Yeah, who the hell uses computer these days anyway? Amirite?
  • Avatar for Ssjgokuxx
    lol, hes a 30 year old computer nerd
  • Avatar for exneo002
    J bigga is a good musician but a terrible person
  • Avatar for adam_wrong
    my name is J Bigga cuz im sooo gangsta when i put make up on yeaaah bro and sometimes i use swearwords GANGSTAAAA!
  • Avatar for elektrischClaud
    LooooVE YoUr soooooong! uuuuujć* xD
  • Avatar for cecchemi
  • Avatar for E-Gitarrist
    but he is
  • Avatar for kimmmmmmay
    everyone's entitled to their own opinion. i think he's good at what he does, i listen to his music, & you guys should look at all these talentless bands you see on tv.. they got there because of their looks, etc. j bigga's getting well known without any music label help, he's doing it all himself. so, he can't be that 'shit', can he?
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    cow nipples
  • Avatar for DeepWells
    Fucking gay [4] <3 [3] Yeah hes gay but I still <3 him!! Idc!
  • Avatar for exactly1person
    Fucking gay [4]
  • Avatar for E-Gitarrist
    i love j dilla[2]
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  • Avatar for nickey_erskin
    <3 {2}
  • Avatar for LivingLegend06
    Fucking gay [2]
  • Avatar for GhostOfOdin
    Fucking gay
  • Avatar for masterglogcz
    Love it =p
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  • Avatar for AmberWhoregasm
    J Bigga is the shit mayunn <3
  • Avatar for Ponciac
    Here's some of his lyrics: "Now don't you snigger / At J Bigga / His skin's so white / But he's a n--" OH SHIT!!!
  • Avatar for iamnotapie
    Good to see people actually making profound social commentaries through music nowadays without resorting to tired, worn-out cliches, his album "Screw U Mom, Screw U Dad" best demonstrates this. A true visionary.
  • Avatar for buzzshit
    J bigga is elecrunkpop!!))
  • Avatar for MONSTARwill
    AWSOME music!!!
  • Avatar for Rinzura
    XDDDDD i love him
  • Avatar for nickey_erskin
    OMFG!!!YOu all that are arguing What the FUCKKKKK??? GET A damn life stop fighting over the net...ITS RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you have beef with somebody stop talking shit and whoop there aSS RETARDS! FUCK dude its people like yall that life has no meaning to it!....IM not trying to start shit but Damn dude stop putting them on BLogs and stuff..... This Is You make friends (that some what have same music as you) ANd you listen to music not fight over DUMB FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! GROW THE FUCK Up.,.. Be an ADult and stop fighting over that BARBIE!!!!!!!!!!! Were all in high school basically we should all know how to be appropriate....ANd thats all i have to say Oh and " i love you J BIGGA" your music is SWEET haha ^_^PLEASE everybody Act your own age.. Unless your handicap i apologize!=C
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    oh but i found a video from you o.o ->
  • Avatar for XxSceneQueen9xX
    sup!! <3 totally awesome =]
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    you need not to interfere. ugly little kid.
  • Avatar for killahtxxx
    "i saw you also on youtube, you are more ugly." look at you
  • Avatar for JRockFTW
    i saw you also on youtube, you are more ugly.
  • Avatar for anastasiaeliz
    spider , how are you allowed to exist ?
  • Avatar for JRockFTW
    guys u r all so cool cause you dislike this artist.
  • Avatar for Final_Spider
    How is this allowed to exist?
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