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    25 Apr 2010, 08:52 by jensyao

    yeah, I used to be obsessive with websites like, datpiff, and blogspots but it was up to the point that they have reflected rap industry where it's all about the money so they only focus on website traffic and getting PAID with their side advertisements that they flooded their sites with the wackest stuff i've ever heard cuz there seems to be more rappers than fans out I stopped that because filtering through pages of wack albums and playing every song just to find sparse gems wasn't my I made playlists of every dope song out there that I've came across thus far and had them on repeat to the point that I don't need to play the track to know how the lyrics go. current situations aren't giving me the fix that i want on my hip hop craving so i'm basically mentally starved since I have high expectations of what hip hop SHOULD be and artists aren't putting out lyrics on production to that caliber.