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  • Avatar for AGRESSOR_rus
    This is...speechless.
  • Avatar for Vladlenpilgrim
    Прекрасная музыка)
  • Avatar for thomaserak8
    All Animals EP OMGGGGGGGGG ive been tryin to find music just like this for years
  • Avatar for Feyttozah
    Indian Summer <3
  • Avatar for Mickey-L-Angelo
    Happiness [4]
  • Avatar for KobeBryant24fan
  • Avatar for elrafars
    Happinss [3]
  • Avatar for TastySun
    Every listen gives me more and more joy. It's an album that gets better with time.
  • Avatar for lilcia14
    Happinss [2] beautiful.
  • Avatar for sjh2
    R there plans for a 2nd album=)?
  • Avatar for Orange-
    Los amo ...
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  • Avatar for sk8rukvex6
    does anyone know if they're coming out with a new album soon??
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  • Avatar for VK1990
    Atlas Song
  • Avatar for gwfaa
    New [url=]Good Weather For An Airstrike[/url] album influenced by the likes of Sigur Ros, Eluvium, Hammock and Stars Of The Lid etc available at
  • Avatar for shaggymoose
    you and your music make me happy, not to mention your cooking videos! :) :) :) <(")!!!
  • Avatar for ariezzo
    love it <3
  • Avatar for weendril
    @Hollow_Sea I think that's better than look more than two seconds your face.
  • Avatar for methjameskeenan
    piano and string etc. love this album.
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  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
  • Avatar for WEARERIVKA
    new RIVKA sigur ros remix!! check it out -
  • Avatar for DaanBorrias
    While I absolutely agree with your opinion (beautiful acoustic record, indeed), I find myself enjoying other ambient record (with electronics) a lot more.
  • Avatar for DemoColorScheme
    "from what I've listened to from ambient/drone etc., this album simply didn"t stant out to me. just kinda generic, almost." I see that opinion now and then, but I ask myself: "Do you know of any other ambient outfit that approaches ambient in this manner?" This is the first totally acoustic ambient record that I find remotely successful.
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  • Avatar for missmetal86
  • Avatar for missmetal86
  • Avatar for jorritvdh Webcast featuring Jónsi & Alex' first live performance of Riceboy Sleeps, with the Latvian National Choir and the Wordless Music Orchestra led by Jeffrey Milarsky: Sleeping Giant, Happiness, Indian Summer, Daníell in the Sea, Atlas Song and Boy 1904.
  • Avatar for alameda_
    if i'm scrobbling this, i'm most likely studying or writing a paper. great homework music, so relaxing and beautiful.
  • Avatar for strom-z
    from what I've listened to from ambient/drone etc., this album simply didn"t stant out to me. just kinda generic, almost.
  • Avatar for Haihappen_Uhaha
    "fags gtfo"? are you retarded or something?
  • Avatar for MarkusVaz
    fags gtfo, this is a peaceful place
  • Avatar for Hollow_Sea
    the sound of gaylove.
  • Avatar for Kosplanov
    the sound of love
  • Avatar for scott-freeman
    Please make more music. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.
  • Avatar for lfml_1
    Post-Rock? WHERE???!!!
  • Avatar for madden69
    Most beautiful sound ever
  • Avatar for Dakota3131
    Thank you, Mr. Birgisson and Mr. Somers, for bringing us a piece of heaven down to earth.[4]
  • Avatar for crabbypatties
    Riceboy visits me in my dreams.
  • Avatar for Under_Radar_Mag
    Check out our interview with Jónsi about his youth as a metalhead:
  • Avatar for lachieguy
    it kind of feels like Riceboy Sleeps rearranges all your brain cells into a harmonious pattern. feels good.
  • Avatar for laragonnadoit
    Очень органично смотрятся вместе.
  • Avatar for CptBrazz
    It's a space music! Im thinking about paralel worlds and fantastic things when hearing this!
  • Avatar for Kosplanov
    Real love sounds like this.
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
    Gourmet ambient.


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