• Social Networking

    7 Mar 2008, 21:57 by yugenro is but one of many music sites ( is another), and just one of may "social networking" sites (such as Facebook-- my personal favorite right now-- and MySpace). I'm trying to get my friends onboard, and so far only one has joined. It is a bit of a stretch for many people to spend so much time online, i think. The internet is so impersonal, so inhuman. But sites such as and Facebook really exist almost purely to CONNECT people. They are like the new community centers in our current world of globalism and technology.

    But I really like Facebook and, and Flickr, and Twitter. They seem to help me stay connected to my friends. In fact, I just had an old friend of mine call me just now, who, since I joined Facebook about two weeks ago because I found him on it, has now called me TWICE in the past two weeks after not having called me in probably two years! So that's really nice...

    And he's joined Last. …
  • Are They Really Your Favourite Artists [*]

    27 Feb 2007, 08:35 by CareALotsClouds

    * Updated version

    Fill out the following template for your top 25 artists:

    Template for each artist:
    First song you heard:
    Favourite song:
    Favourite album:

    1. Sarah Brightman
    First song you heard: Deliver Me
    Favourite song: No One Like You
    Favourite album: Fly
    Accuracy: Sarah is my favourite artist of all time. This is definitely where she should be and should remain forever. I love her diversity above all else. I love the fact that all of her albums are completely different in sound, theme and style. She is the most 'wholesome' artist there is and I own 23 albums by her (and about 50 more in compilations, singles, musicals, etc).

    2. Keedie
    First song you heard:I Believe My Heart
    Favourite song: My Reason
    Favourite album: I Believe My Heart
    Accuracy: Yes, Keedie is definitely one of my favourite artists. I must be the only one on Last.FM that listens to the lovely soprano as her career never took off, and her album sales were very poor to the point that EMI Classics dropped her. …