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  • roldki


    April 2013
  • wendell3

    This is the album I think of when someone says "I dropped acid and listened to that one It's a Beautiful Day album"

    September 2012
  • mxxbock

    got it on vinyl today, best buy ever!

    September 2011
  • MrBuddyDoot

    I remember "White Bird" my old sisters brought that album and King Crimson's "In the Court...." Still listen to Crimson... haven't heard White Bird in a thousand years....

    July 2011
  • reagan0

    I remember waking up to "White Bird" playing on my AM radio, back when it was first released. I was just a kid, but when I had money of my own, several years later, this was one of the first few albums I bought. Loved it ever since.

    July 2010

    Yo tengo éste disco: http://www.taringa.net/posts/musica/5706878/M%C3%BAsica-Para-Todos-Los-Gustos.html

    July 2010
  • nocturana


    July 2010
  • bagsagold

    Oh the memories...

    March 2010
  • rebornpirate

    one of my favorite covers!

    March 2010
  • c70785

    Live version not as good. The album I remember had a white bird cover and a female lead in the song.

    November 2009
  • Waes-GOD


    June 2009
  • salafa0710

    alguien lo tiene?

    February 2009
  • TeresaTFennel

    Ok, its not the album I owned ,sounds like a live version, was hoping for the original, after all thats the version I listened to on the hill in Houston.

    December 2008
  • TeresaTFennel

    Now it's a very beautiful day

    December 2008