• Several hidden gems

    13 Apr 2010, 17:59 by Jimbobbins

    A number of masterpieces (or close) that deserve to be vastly better known than they are:

    Ruben Gonzalez - Introducing...Ruben Gonzalez
    Style: Cuban Son
    Stand out tracks: Cumbranchero, Mandinga, Como Siento Yo

    One of the least well known pianists that a great number of people will already have unwittingly head, Ruben Gonzalez was invited to make this album after spending so much time improvising about during the making of the Buena Vista Social Club album. I bought the album on the basis of the quote from Ry Cooder, declaring him 'the best pianist I ever heard'. I don't think I'd be able to agree with that myself (Fiorentino, Horowitz, Rubinstein, Gilels etc.), but nonetheless what we have here is a wonderfully simple and elegant Cuban son album with Gonzalez's piano taking centre stage. There is always something particularly wonderful about hearing good pianists in their old age as their playing becomes imbued with a sort of noble understatement; this album is precisely one of those sorts…
  • Treasure chest - Pop/Rock/Jazz - I -

    5 Apr 2008, 15:27 by AlexboyCO

    * Iron Savior
    On guitar - Kai Hansen

    - Iron Savior 1997

    * It's A Beautiful Day
    Violin and beautiful voices made this sound fresh.

    - It's A Beautiful Day 1969
    Listen to Bombay calling an you know why there is - a child in time -

    - Marrying Maiden 1970
    Very different to the first album - not this progressiv sound.