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    also listen to [artist]Synkro[/artist]'s two albums, self-titled and Dr. Tuesday.
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    Yep, too much 'certain' things in new album. Hope new releases will be more 'void'.
  • Avatar for dokazama
    Oh so good i can't even, oh god! [2]
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    Happy birthday? Yannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!
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    Quality noise.
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    Oh so good i can't even, oh god!
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    <3 your musik is great!!!
  • Avatar for Nachtotterin
    нихуевые.фап фап
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    great performance at Moravian Industrial Festival! thank you.
  • Avatar for RiotVoltage
    Awesome sounds.
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    my best rhythmic noise artist!! powernoise amazing!
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    Love the new album!
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    @DylBerzerker - AGREED! AND people should vote for the name to be changed to the proper title "[track artist=iszoloscope]-28°C and Falling[/track]" with the degree symbol present (just copy & paste if you don't have that symbol in your character set). It would certainly be higher in the charts if the different names of the track were combined under the correct track title.
  • Avatar for DylBerzerker
    The track -28C And Falling should be in the top charts D:
  • Avatar for clonn
    Love your stuff. This is what i want when i need noise.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    then go and grab/buy it. it's not that hard to find
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    Hellgrammite: Already? o.o
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    new album is shit. go home, sorry
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    Oh it will!
  • Avatar for ArmFighterPilot
    Finally ordered the new CD. If Beyond Within is any indication, it's going to melt my mind.
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    can_but_try: More on that experiment:
  • Avatar for can_but_try
    does anyone know where man_talking_about_experience_samples on First Transcendental Component come from?
  • Avatar for a_bleeding_star
    {..."The Edge of Certainty" FAR...the Bloody Best Artistic Creation of His Career...Truly a Masterpiece...I Mean...Its Combination of Soundtextures & Beats is Just So Fangfuckintastic...}
  • Avatar for Einfreyr
    very tasty noise. see you in moscow
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    I wouldn't call Beyond Within an EP as it has 13 tracks going on about 1.2 hours O_o
  • Avatar for azeroz
    "The Edge of Certainty." Excellent. Any artist may take as long as they wish ... enjoying the direction immensely, perfect as I absorb through.
  • Avatar for Carbonfucked
    The new brand album has come, great! Waiting for Iszoloscope in Ekaterinburg (Russia) soon.
  • Avatar for KaRRoLLuSS
    "The Edge Of Certainty" is even better than the genious "The Audient Void" I can't believe my ears :D
  • Avatar for DrMosse
    Onyl death is certain
  • Avatar for 616thirteen
    for London people who dig the new Iszoloscope's cd...they are playing at Slimelight on Nov 20th; [url=]FB Event[/url] =) ...616=13...
  • Avatar for vector_flow
    "Beyond Within And So On" EP - free download available here: [url][/url] :)
  • Avatar for a_bleeding_star
    ~ {..."The Unsettled/In the Other Mind of Us/Raudivian Device (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix)"...}
  • Avatar for MrCheM
    kick ass!!! \m/ !!!
  • Avatar for ControlledPain
    Beyond Within - EP
  • Avatar for Solen_Svartnar
    it is not album
  • Avatar for DJ_Tyrant
    Although the new album, [album artist=iszoloscope]Beyond Within[/album], only contains four new original tracks (the other nine tracks are remixes) it is great and diverse. A good mixture of rhythmic noise, ambient noise and breakcore. The remixes from various other genre acts are very enjoyable rather than typical cast off "just filling the remix trade obligation" remixes prevalent on many compilations nowadays. I'm glad I picked it up on their recent tour. RECOMMENDED for fans of Iszoloscope or of the genre.
  • Avatar for aliceffekt
    "Beyond Within" <3
  • Avatar for waxear
    Just listened to Beyond Within - Wow! Great punch. Finally an album from the noise genre that hasn't been squashed to hell in favor of the loudness wars just because it's noisy!
  • Avatar for Contrasoma
    "Beyond Within" is great! New tracks are a tad breakier...
  • Avatar for eelco
    New EP "Beyond Within" and new album "The Edge Of Certainty" coming end of October.
  • Avatar for ComaWish
    Everything from Au Seuil Du Néant is p. much perfect.
  • Avatar for sbtobin
    Даздравствует Крошилово!!!
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    dance till yr socks drop
  • Avatar for SweetLilies
    Too bad you're not on myspace, would've added you.
  • Avatar for bad_machiine
    @ faith_fractured: Maybe this is not goth fags oriented music.


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