• Bennie Maupin's Penumbra

    10 Jul 2006, 01:41 by beelzbubba

    I've been sitting here listening to this album downloaded this month from eMusic, gently being soothed by the sound of Maupin's bass clarinet and the rhythms of the double-bass and the subtle percussion. The disk starts out with the tune Maupin wrote for Lee Morgan's band, Neophilia.

    The playing throughout is deft, sympathetic, at times swinging and at times quietly romantic. I would recommend this cd to those who appreciate the quieter side of jazz, but in no way should this be called "smooth" jazz or contempoarary popular instrumental, such as Kenny Gee or his phonetic relative Najee.

    The last.fm database lists the following artists as related to Bennie Maupin.

    • Prince and The NPG
    • Tyrone Evans
    • Ice Cube with George Clinton
    • Raul de Souza
    • Issac Delgado
    • Hipnotic
    • K.C. White
    • Jon Lucien

      I'm somewhat intrigued by these associations. I don't really ever think of Prince in relation to Maupin. …