• Wanted List, Late 2007

    20 Oct 2007, 01:09 by sirensongs

    After browsing around online today, I found that there was an awful lot coming out over the next few months that I wanted to get a hold of, so I've decided to make a list here so that I won't forget anything. I'm also including things that have been recently released that I don't have yet.

    Corde Oblique - Volonta D'Arte
    Electric Butterfly- This is the latest project of the divine Sally Doherty,
    currently only available on iTunes. I'm hoping she'll soon decide to release it on CD. If not, I guess I'll be forced to make my first iTunes purchase.
    Estampie - Ondas - Finally being reissued!
    Irfan - Seraphim
    Iridio - Endless Way
    Milù - Longing Speaks With Many Tongues - I'm worried this one might be hard to find once it is released. I hope it gets at least a little bit of North American distribution.
    Narsilion - Namarie
    Omnia - Alive
    Persephone - Letters to a Stranger
    Seelenlicht - Gods & Devils
    Sieben - Desire Rites