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  • lordinfamous


    last month
  • lawldude

    Thanks for the fine music, Black Moses.

    last month
  • DickBigems

    R&B's finest arranger.

    May 2015
  • jessyrocker

    Cool Music

    May 2015
  • WaffleBrigade

    The kind of guy you suspected of shagging your wife behind your back. I would allow it. He's that special. His influence is everywhere.

    April 2015
  • OnTheFly

    "If sexual harassment could talk, this is how it would sound like." one of my favourite comments on Last.FM

    April 2015
  • luckystoned

    black moses

    March 2015
  • StrAzzA_666

    " Hello there children!"

    March 2015
  • galvanoid

    ащехуенаААА!!! ииихаааа!!!!

    February 2015
  • GodofDeathMetal

    Amazing singer and voice actor.

    January 2015
  • igbesiAIYE

    the finest

    January 2015
  • True3Blue

    By the Time I Get to Phoenix, I'm Gonna Make It (Without You)... masterpieces.

    December 2014
  • Wilmerincognito

    @Zombiewoolf I.... Stand accused....

    September 2014
  • TheGoobs21

    rest in peace

    September 2014
  • Zombiewoolf

    If sexual harassment could talk, this is how it would sound like.

    August 2014
  • Cat_007

    cool guy

    July 2014
  • ruda_kulka

    Na bank pamiętasz tę scenę jak w La Haine typ Ciął nożem kości, leciał Isaac Hayes [2]

    March 2014
  • Shadowlord39

    What the HELL happened to the similar artists?

    December 2013
  • shakedatthang

    I like miming Hayes' potential facial and bodily expressions when he's singing about heartbreak when I listen to his music.

    October 2013
  • Fliz1

    You are missed.

    July 2013
  • soltanoMV

    Na bank pamiętasz tę scenę jak w La Haine typ Ciął nożem kości, leciał Isaac Hayes

    May 2013
  • HimitsuUK

    Aw yea

    March 2013
  • joe01

    Unforgettable master of Soul

    March 2013
  • PopKaa

    Hot Buttered Soul rules balls [2]

    March 2013
  • IAJP

    all hail the KING

    February 2013

    I love Isaac Hayes and his Music deeply ..... I fell in Love when I heard his voice and his Music ..... When I saw Isaac perform in person - wow .... Never gonna give him up ...... No one sings a song like Isaac Hayes .....

    February 2013
  • guirobles

    I miss him deeply

    December 2012
  • smee85

    his 16min version of Ain't No Sunshine (Live) might be my all time favourite piece of music.

    December 2012
  • aarONE119

    GOD bless isaac hayes. RIP

    November 2012
  • Worstidever

    who cares about what bullshit he believed in? [2]

    November 2012
  • D-A-N-

    who cares about what bullshit he believed in?

    October 2012
  • Iuri_s3t

    rest in peace

    August 2012
  • Airwalker1990

    pretty crazy how many famous hiphop&rap songs used samples by him! what a great musician!

    July 2012
  • Killed-By-Death

    It's a shame he joined that fruity little club just to let them scramble his brains

    May 2012
  • Nakkinak

    Hot Buttered Soul rules balls

    May 2012
  • ZoloftSmoothie

    couldn't live in a world without Bernie Mac

    April 2012
  • Painkiller2105

    Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic!! :D

    April 2012
  • CBA0

    your mom likes the taste of Chefs chocolate salty balls

    March 2012
  • Grzesiu_

    Dirty hypocrite.

    March 2012
  • tomatao


    March 2012
  • szymon0501

    One of the soul/funk finest! Definitely!

    March 2012
  • CodexManesse

    There Are Monsters. In. The Gelatin!!!

    March 2012
  • soul-and-more

    Isaac (RIP) is still in the top16 list (from >800) of characteristic artists from SOUL groups, changes in this week: 7 new artists entered + Curtis Mayfield had to move out of top16 list :-( see full report here:

    February 2012
  • Silentowl311

    Rest in peace BLACK MOSES

    February 2012
  • Jama_Cox

    Theme From Shaft YEEEEAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    February 2012
  • ABA16

    El puto amo.

    February 2012
  • deadjesusrodeo1

    RIP chef

    February 2012
  • SunMan24


    February 2012
  • TinmanHavoc

    chef will forever be missed [2] !!!

    February 2012
  • The_Man_Is_Back

    tagging his music as "soundtrack" is just a crime againt his all music.

    January 2012