• Exxon blasts spawn Twitter account

    8 Apr 2013, 19:55 by Milkshake8*280.jpg?v=1

    A Twitter account called @ExxonCares has been suspended after tweeting about Ninja Turtles and finding the men who built the pipeline 65 years ago.

    The Parody account was created last week in response to the Arkansas Pipeline Rupture that forced the evacuation of 22 homes in Mayflower, a Suburb 25 miles outside Little Rock.

    We're reaching out to the real folks at Irving-based ExxonMobil Corp to see how they combat this type of parody in social media, especially when the account tries to portray itself as part of the company.

    An example of the account's posts: “Turtles latest victims of pipeline rupture. Remember last time turtles got mixed up with toxic sludge? We got Ninja Turtles! #yourwelcome.”

    Click here to read more the story from the Dallas Business Journal.By Nicholas Sakelaris
  • Listening Through All of My Albums: #143 - Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers…

    10 Jul 2008, 15:40 by andyfest

    Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers by Irving

    The opening few tracks on Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers catch you pretty much right away. The first four songs, especially Jen, Nothing Matters to Me, are quite strong but the album doesn't very much from there which makes it get old fast. The main problem is the similarity between the songs. The vocals maintain an even, almost monotone feel throughout and most of the songs are at about the same tempo. The Longest Day in the Afternoon even uses basically the same guitar riff as She's Not Shy, just slowed down. Overall, this is a catchy album good for singles but not for listening to all at once.
  • Fleet Foxes' New Album

    6 Jun 2008, 00:08 by ribbonz

    For me, the aging hobbit of the Himalayas, it’s an era of the most exciting debuts since Generation Terrorists of Manics and self-titled debut of Suede. Indie folk scene’s been growing into a garden of wild flowers since the beginning of the 2000’s with a wide range of artists and bands like Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, and Animal Collective. Oldies like Vashti Bunyan have luckily been rediscovered from the dusty shelves. At the end, it’s independent spirit which’s winning because sound itself is hardly commercialized, allowing freedom to artists and not based on cheap fashion tricks in the studio. On one hand, we’ve brilliant indie poppies, on the other hand this new folkers. What a wonderful world.

    Fleet Foxes' Phil Ek-produced debut full-length’s finally out. After having heard many things about the band from reliable sources like Pitchfork, EP’s become one the regulars of our play list. Now, the self-titled album’s not a revelation, it’s a predictable achievement. …
  • Sea Wolf - Leaves In The River

    29 Dec 2007, 15:29 by Dimi15

    De overstap van de dromerige sixtiespop van de Californische indie popgroep Irving naar de kamerpop van Sea Wolf lijkt Alex Brown Church niet echt veel moeite te kosten. Leaves in the River, het langspeeldebuut van de groep rond singer-songwriter Church staat er op alle vlakken.

    Sea Wolf is niets meer dan het vehikel waarlangs Church zijn songwriterscapaciteiten demonstreert. De eerste stappen van de groep dateren reeds van 2003. Church vond er een uitlaapklep voor zijn nummers die niet pasten binnen het concept van Irving. Voor zijn optredens werd hij oorspronkelijk bijgestaan door diverse leden van het Ship Collective dat onder meer bestaat uit Earlimart, Great Northern, Irving, Silversun Pickups … Begin dit jaar dan verscheen een eerste EP, Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low.

    Leaves In The River sluit perfect aan bij het jaargetijde. Het draagt van begin tot einde dat ietwat sombere herfst/wintergevoel in zich. Somber, jawel, maar niet in die mate dat de Weltschmerz voor de luisteraar te pijnlijk wordt. …
  • What makes shows great?

    14 Jan 2007, 21:37 by rightroundmusic

    [ excerpt from Elise Nordling's San Francisco blog @ ]

    The live show is a beast all its own. There are so many things that go into making a performance good - or ruining it.

    I go to a lot of shows. Occasionally I'll have a week where I only see one or two, but it's usually more like five. I go for the bands as well as the social-networking industry part of it. My favorite performances are by bands I've never seen play live before, bands I know are fantastic live, and bands made up of really great people that I enjoy hanging out with and talking with.

    The best shows, the ones that stand out for me, fall into two categories. Sometimes the band(s) have one of those magic nights where everything clicks - they're so on that I feel like I'm swept up and deposited back in the club an hour or so later, slightly dizzy and confused. Those are the nights where I stand holding an empty beer bottle for half an hour because...


  • DISCOUNT V*1*A*G*R*A! (plus a best-of-2006 list)

    10 Jan 2007, 03:29 by SportModel

    The greatest thing about my list this year isn't the exquisite taste it displays; it's the fact that four of my favorite records are recommendations from neighbors and friends, records that I might never have come across otherwise. God bless you, power pop geeks from around the globe!

    The Jaw-Dropping Revelations:

    Irving: Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers
    Fuzzy, warped, perfect pop by guys who sound really baked.

    Midlake: The Trials of Van Occupanther
    Hypnotic, weird, and completely addicting. Sounds like Thom Yorke fronting Fleetwood Mac.

    Kelley Stoltz: Below the Branches
    Lo-fi, DIY record by a guy who sounds like he lives in his mom’s basement, where there’s no one to tell him he’s not Brian Wilson or The Velvet Underground. And sometimes Echo And The Bunnymen.

    The Nines: Calling Distant Stations
    Imagine the Raspberries trying to sound like XTC. Andy Partridge and Jason Falkner both contributed.

    The Format: Dog Problems
  • Best of 2006 mix ready to go to good homes.

    3 Jan 2007, 06:24 by CassiaCat

    My Best of 2006 Mix is finished. If you want a copy, send me an email at: acelebrationofsound at gmail dot com.

    Tracklists are as follows:

    My Best Albums of 2006 That I Have In My Possession, As There Are Many Albums That I Do Not Own That Would Otherwise Be On This List (and a couple of albums from 2005 that I didn't get 'til 2006, and couldn't bring myself to exclude).


    Casiotone For the Painfully Alone – New Year's Kiss – Etiquette

    Eberg – Inside Your Head - VoffVoff

    Why? – Gemini (Birthday Song) – Elephant Eyelash

    Islands – Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone – Return to Sea

    Hidden Cameras – Learning the Lie – Awoo

    Tapes'N'Tapes – Cowbell – The Loon

    The Diableros – Tropical Pets – You Can't Break the Strings of Our Olympic Hearts

    Grizzly Bear – Knife – Yellow House

    Final Fantasy – This Lamb Sells Condos – He Poos Clouds

    Dresden Dolls – Sex Changes – Yes, Virginia

    Swan Lake – The Freedom – Beast Moans

    Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek – Speak For Yourself
  • Top Albums of 2006

    31 Dec 2006, 08:44 by meteorain

  • Irving!

    29 Dec 2006, 10:03 by Allouette

    Irving is the name of my laptop.

    Irving is also the name of a pretty awesometastic band I recently discovered. You should check them out.Irving
  • good, bad & weird: Irving, The Botticellis, Ken Stringfellow

    19 Dec 2006, 01:14 by rightroundmusic

    True tales of gigs gone strange...

    "...We're loading our gear onstage when the promoter comes to us and says, "We can't meet the guarantee, so feel free to drink as much beer as you wish." So we all go to the bar and get two pitchers each. We figure if you're going to embarrass yourself, it's best to be really drunk...?"

    The Black Watch
    "Our weirdest gig was opening for Christian Death in the early '90s, when we were at our jangliest (that is, totally inappropriate on a bill with goth-rocking ghosts in drag). Rozz Williams went walking round in a Tourettes-ish tizzy talking about how Bowie was...

    Ken Stringfellow
    "I haven't really played any gigs that could be called "weird." I have played in museums, calzone restaurants, Fresno — all weird in their own way — movie theaters, YMCAs, jazz clubs, shopping malls, outdoors in Singapore to 2…