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    "There's not a single bad song anywhere on the album. Classic and necessary for any fan of Maiden" I'd say all maiden albums are neccesary for a fan. And SiT is not only necessary for maiden fans, but for anybody who likes metal. :P
  • Avatar for Ranger46
    one of the greatest metal albums ever created. and that's it.... and there is wasted years on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Zloodie
    iKvlt wrote: "There's not a single bad song anywhere on the album. Classic and necessary for any fan of Maiden" WORD.
  • Avatar for Mariah66
    Wasted Years and Sea Of Madness *_*
  • Avatar for PossibleNonsens
    Alexander the great has no plays because that is not the track title.
  • Avatar for iKvlt
    There's not a single bad song anywhere on the album. Classic and necessary for any fan of Maiden
  • Avatar for gazhimself
    my favorite one...stranger is awesome.
  • Avatar for Killed-By-Death
    Best Maiden album!!
  • Avatar for Natural666
    simply the best...
  • Avatar for optimalbass
    BEST MAIDEN ALBUM EVER MADE!!!!!!!! BEST ALBUM IN THE HISTORY of Metal!!!! BEST ART COVER EVER MADE... Even better then Sgt.Peppers (Beatles) and Dark Side of The Moon (Pink Floyd)... Rich in Details.... "THIS IS A VERY BORING PAITING"... UP THE IRONS!!!! Charlie, Nicko McBrain Roadie, if You Read this e-mail me. Thanks for the Picks at the gig of Curitiba-Paraná-Brazil 03/04/08.. You Rock Chap....
  • Avatar for SJ158
    if thats mediocre...well i guess i'm really into this mediocre shit
  • Avatar for fondula
    This is a pretty good album, definitely a bit of a left turn from the "pure metal" of Powerslave. The guitar synth is a bit overused on here but still kind of cool. The only weak track on here is Deja Vu....and that's still better than some of the stuff on "No Prayer for the Dying" for example. The closer is huge, one of my faves.
  • Avatar for KrazyIan
    My favorite Maiden album, and contains the most underrated Maiden track ever, the epic album opener Caught Somewhere in Time.
  • Avatar for BobiScarecrow
    the first Maiden LP that i bought. awesome album. one of their best.
  • Avatar for nanjamonja
    Déjà Vu is kinda boring, and Heaven Can Wait is really ugly, but the rest is great, especially Adrian's songs.
  • Avatar for FedeZeppelin
    Sea Of Madness
  • Avatar for leopold_stotch9
    Wowww. I used to not like this one as much as the earlier albums, I thought the keyboards kinda made it sound dated. But now I'm listening to it again for the first time in a while and it's fantastic! Not one bad song. Possibly my favourite Maiden album now, better give Seventh Son another chance too. :P
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
    The Best!! Wasted years, Caught somewhere in time, Alexander the great... ahh
  • Avatar for unholy-kraken
    I want a visa, just for this album, I must get it somehow!
  • Avatar for Stormlancer
    On the CD version, on the tracklisting on the back and in the sleeve booklet its put as: 'De Ja Vu' & 'Alexander the Great' but when it gets to the lyrics in the booklet they use: 'Deja-Vu' & 'Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C) Confusing predicament!
  • Avatar for derelektrojan
    nicko is doing weird things !!!
  • Avatar for Killed-By-Death
    By the way, is Alexander The Great really called 'Alexander The Great (356-323 BC)'? Not much people, me included, doesn't have it tagged that way.
  • Avatar for Killed-By-Death
    Maybe my favorite Maiden album. Wasted Years, Caught Somewhere in Time & Deja Vu are my personal favorites.
  • Avatar for Seasonreaper
    The intro to tLotLDR is awesome, and the soloing in AtG is easily enough on its own to make it an amazing song.
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    One of their best albums. The first four songs are amazing! Not crazy about #5 and #8 but they're good enough.
  • Avatar for mavelix vu: black sheep!!!
  • Avatar for mavelix
    the definitive best album maiden....!!!! inmortal and epic!!!
  • Avatar for dragonwyck
    a great album of course, but it's not even better than seventh son, not even
  • Avatar for Espen2k
    Ofc its their best album, much better than everything else they did. :)
  • Avatar for Hawk-Eyes
    Every single song is 10/10. Perhaps their best album?
  • Avatar for industrian
    My favourite Maiden album.
  • Avatar for danilo666
    maiden rules from colombia see you in concert and up the irons!!!
  • Avatar for SuperDuperYeah
    Great album and cover. So many little things to look for on the back.
  • Avatar for useh
    Best Dickinson album
  • Avatar for Tenozuma
    Mmm. The song structures on this album really are quite out of the ordinary on pretty much all the songs. Very ambitious singing. I mean, the vocals in the verse of The Loneliness are very abnormal, the 'chorus' in Sea of Madness isn't catchy etc... but after a while, several listens, it sinks in how awesome an album this is.
  • Avatar for Seasonreaper
    Deja Vu never really stood out to me, apart from that its a near perfect album
  • Avatar for CharlieWatts
    Great album.
  • Avatar for kidofthecentury
    @Razaak666: STFU.
  • Avatar for Razaak666
    Tracks 2-6 make a great line of songs. Alexander the Great is very strong as well, But I can't get into CSIT and Deja Vu.
  • Avatar for Tenozuma
    I agree entirely. Great, great, wonderful, super, brilliant, amazing album. Heaven can wait is just good in comparison, not exquisitely superb like the rest.... *looks back...* damn that's high praise.
  • Avatar for MorphingAmoeba
    Easily the best album ever made. Every song except for Heaven Can Wait is nearly perfect.
  • Avatar for Espen2k
    Maidens best, no doubt.
  • Avatar for BurningRemnant
    There are track-list mistakes as usual. Deja-Vu and Alexander the Great are the ones that should be there... It doesn't surprise me that those are the least listened from here.. That's the reason
  • Avatar for IronPenguin
    This is my personal favourite album. Love the addition of synths. The band were absolutely cock-on in terms of their playing on this album, esp Smith, Harris and Nicko.
  • Avatar for LeGENDZxSTeVE
    In my opinion it is by far the greatest Maiden album, very underrated. Smashes The Number Of The Beast.
  • Avatar for Chimpz
    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is my current fav Maiden song
  • Avatar for GrayFlannelSuit
    Sea of Madness is one of my top 10 favorite Maiden songs.
  • Avatar for thetrooper89
    definently under-rated This album kicks ass!
  • Avatar for hannawald5
    good and underrated but nearly as good as you guys call it...


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