• iron jesus interview by MNE magazine

    1 Apr 2008, 21:17 by hijikibomb

    /extract from a magazine article in which the band is interviewed for the populist-but-cutting edge music magazine MNE - published in january 2031/

    MNE{..your music has been described by various critics as 'shambolic... a complete and utter joke... not music... talentless crap masquerading as avant-garde shite.... incompetent.... deeply racist.... an offence to gardening clubs.. the sound of a disabled chimpanzee playing with Garageband on an Apple Pro workstation' and my own personal favourite, 'the sound that would be made if you recorded a bucket of vomit being thrown into a hot, deep-fat fryer...'. How do you respond to these criticisms?
    IRONJESUS{.. critics are inventive if not invective people but at least they understand creativity, sensitivity and the value of money; cynics on the other hand do not. May I also add that throwing a bucket of vomit into a hot, deep-fat fryer is probably a highly dangerous thing to do and should not be attempted unless supervised by at least four extremely drunk chefs.