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Say Hello to the Angels (4:13)


  • Sexy but not one of my favorites.
  • This is a concept... This is a bracelet... This isn't you yet~, love this song!
  • Amazing song.
  • This is the first Interpol song I heard. And liked.
  • & something's coming over me, i see you in the doorway, i can't control the part of me that swells up when you move into my airspace. LAWL
  • Not as good as the rest of Turn on the Bright Lights, but still a good track.
  • Probably my favorite Intepol song.
  • Very very very very very very very great song.
  • this was easily my first favorite when i got Turn On the Bright Lights for the first time. still an amazing song.
  • <33
  • I love mixing up the lyrics in the chorus and making them what they're not, for example, yo Harry's so pretty and red!.
  • great song... but did anyone think he was singing ...when you move into my assface about 1:26 in? i sure did.
  • \m/
  • Probably my fave Interpol tune.
  • I love the Chugga Chugga thing the guitar starts doing with about a minute left in the song.
  • This song is absolutely amazing. The singing is powerful, and that musical break towards the end where the drums and guitar just seem to go crazy always gets me. I love this song so much.
  • One of my favourite songs of all time.


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