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We're very excited to be telling you that we are featured on the new Huw Stephens-curated, Wichita Records-affiliated digital compilation Music Sounds Better With Huw Volume 2, along with some of our favourite bands.

So sayeth Huw...

"Ding Ding. Round Two! This is the second compilation, brought to you with love and care, excitement and love, anger, frustration and joy.

It´s all about the music, obviously. It´s also about the artwork, with an individual piece for every song and a sleeve, all created by the brilliant Casey Raymond.

What an absolute pleasure to bring you round 2 with the ultra-fine Wichita Recordings folk, a label that I´ve long admired.

This time round, there´s more freshness, bands to fall in love with and tracks to cherish.

It’s a way to showcase some incredible new music, of which we are in no short supply of course.

The songs here stand alone but also as a collective of sorts.

In times of shittiness, we need music more than ever.

Compiled by Huw Stephens
In conjunction with Wichita Recordings
Artwork by Casey Raymond
Thanks to all the musicians on Music Sounds Better With Huw Volume 2, and the labels that represent them.
Diolch yn fawr iawn."

Our featured song is a brand-new, never-before-heard (and, we feel, definitive) version of Break Bones. Produced by the musical wizard that is James Rutledge, this is your first chance to hear what our recorded output will sound like henceforth. This is the future.

Listen below and then go buy the whole thing for £5.



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