• From Crust We Grind Till Death (TOP 2009/2010)

    27 Dec 2010, 18:10 by Grinddozz

    Here we go! Check out the lists and go to grind to grind to grindhttp://s001.radikal.ru/i193/1012/bb/453b069afa91.gif
    Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind
    Parlamentarisk Sodomi - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
    FistFuck - Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
    Neuropathia - Neuropathia
    Afgrund- Vid Helvetets Grindar
    Pitbull Terrorist - White House Tapes (ep) / Contraband International Audio
    Abaddon Incarnate- Cascade
    Brutal Truth- Evolution Through Revolution
    Hatred Surge - Deconstruct
    Attack Of The Mad Axeman - Scumdogs Of The Forest
    Antigama - Warning
    Mumakil - Behold The Failure
    Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave
    Inhumate - The Fifth Season
    Defeatist - Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse
    Wormrot- Abuse
    Regurgitate / Dead Infection - Yyyaaaaaah / Heartburn Result
    Dead - In the Bondage of Vice
    Atrocity - Let War Rage
    Blood I Bleed - Gods Out of Monsters