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  • Avatar for LiquidSheep
    I'm a big fan of the so called Madchester and baggy bands, but I could never really get into the Inspiral Carpets. I don't know what it is, something about them just always threw me off.
  • Avatar for electricchurch
    very good new album after 20 years
  • Avatar for swift933
    Inspiral Carpets performed it for the first time in over a twenty years!?
  • Avatar for Cylob
    What are the essential albums of the Madchester era? [url=]Join the debate![/url]
  • Avatar for Hover_Donkey
    Dung 4 needs to be added to the album list. It really was their first ever album, so it's a shame it's missing. Peace.
  • Avatar for mraksum
    Amazing band
  • Avatar for emetofilia
  • Avatar for emetofilia
  • Avatar for Mi-Di
    i feel something from Beatles in their music
  • Avatar for WarriorJones
    Been fond of the Inspirals ever since I learned of them. Saturn 5 is my jam. Shame that music like this doesn't shift more units.
  • Avatar for Shaaaaaark
    cool as fuck!
  • Avatar for synthstatic
    What have I done with my life
  • Avatar for pedro_pc
    I have to say i always prefer Tom Hingleys vocals (2)
  • Avatar for LiveBootlegs
    Inspiral Carpets - Live @ Leadmill, Sheffield, UK, 08-04-1993
  • Avatar for Turnersmemo
    Seein these guys with the Mondays at MEN ! Madchester lives !
  • Avatar for NoddyGallagher
    Only Madchesta, only hardcore.
  • Avatar for likeadaydreamer
    The way the light falls <3
  • Avatar for panSmith
    join us
  • Avatar for harrygorst
    New tune is fucking ace.
  • Avatar for YonnerOAFC
    You're So Good for Me!
  • Avatar for gavinintexas
    Notable en Chile!!!
  • Avatar for clenchedteeth
    the teardrop explodes and the stranglers
  • Avatar for VelvetMesgue
    these guys are amazing, I like his energy.
  • Avatar for Luffbucket
    @KurtBell lol
  • Avatar for topjim
    Never stopped to think of Mark E. Smith ruining that song
  • Avatar for KurtBell
    Gutted for you that you don't like Mark E. Smith, i funking love him so WAHEEEEY!
  • Avatar for Luffbucket
    Oh, if only we could have "I Want You" without that gobshite Mark E. Smith ruining it...
  • Avatar for josephtirth
    sure you lamented dont have to noel gallagher
  • Avatar for Beat_C
    their music has aged much better than expected.
  • Avatar for winnie89
    the life album changed my life back in the day,
  • Avatar for solanum
    Just turned my old 'Dung 4' demo tape into MP3s. Pity the tape player I had to use was so rubbish. Still, the version of Joe on that tape was always my favourite Inspirals track.
  • Avatar for greycellgreen
    A less popular favourite of mine is Sleep Well Tonight. Love all their stuff, but another couple that stand out for me are Caravan and Two Worlds Collide.
  • Avatar for Jpnylonmag
    They were supposed to be a flop according to the 24hr party ppl movie...
  • Avatar for twinsen110
    how good were these guys
  • Avatar for Paranoid-Dreams
    Manchester *¬*
  • Avatar for Aljona_Ivanovna
    She Comes in the Fall - why so little plays? I fell in love with it ^_^
  • Avatar for kembrick
    Кайфовая группа и девиз хороший -:-)
  • Avatar for nianju
    this is how it feels to be lonely this is how it feels to be small this is how it feels when your word means nothing it all [2]
  • Avatar for OscarDTravis
    this is how it feels to be lonely this is how it feels to be small this is how it feels when your word means nothing it all
  • Avatar for McHeuss
    cooolest band of their time. unique sound, never experienced something similar afterwards again. pure and honest music, and great gigs as well...
  • Avatar for suikodee
    Wow just discovered the Life album and it's amazing.
  • Avatar for eyesaresmiles
    I think Kitchens of Distinction beat them for worst band name.
  • Avatar for Foogou
    If you're into this lot then you might just get into "Repo 105" by Circle of Ears, here:
  • Avatar for JonnyAG
    Commercial Rain(/Reign) Is powerful statement by the band
  • Avatar for capitandred
    Это же в этой группе играл Галлахер старший из Oasis?
  • Avatar for XT500
    I saw them live in Hamburg Docks. What a party! Moooooh!
  • Avatar for damagiK
    Commercial Rain the best
  • Avatar for stusid1984
    Good Band
  • Avatar for longball2no1
    Still great live.
  • Avatar for zeno_izen
    Not the drmmer's fault tho :/


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