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Inside Conflict (also spelled IxC) formed in Poitier, France in 1998, as a four-piece grindcore act.

In 2000, they recorded a first EP Headless, released on the Belgian label Next Sentence Records.

In 2001, they produced their first full-length album Unearthed from Wonderland, released on the then prolific French label Overcome Records. Tracks are shorts, composed as hardcore songs featuring elements of death-metal: fast drumming, low-tuned guitars and growling vocals.

The album was praised by critics and public, and IxC began touring France and Europe with label-mates bands like Nostromo and Like Peter at Home, growing their notoriety until the point they were able to support grindcore legends Napalm Death and famous hardcore acts such as Madball on tour in Europe.

In 2004, IxC produced their second album Spherical Mirage, also released on Overcome Records. The album was recorded by Loudblast's lead guirarist and singer Stephane Buriez, one of the most famous French death-metal bands, thus resulting in a less hardcore sound and favoring longer, slower and heavier songs.

During year 2005, the band decides to separate, primarily because of the departure of their guitarist.

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