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The first indication of rising band raised in Novembre 2007. The three musicians- the first(?) guitar (Mara), bass guitarist (studna) and drummer (Dan) decided to get deaf together in one room. The early begginings were, as it goes, about tryin' to adapt to each other, jamming and trying to find the effective system of cooperation under circumstances, when all band members equally participate on creating music, instead of letting one band-master to do it himself.
It didn't take much time and the system got established and followed by first three songs, which are currently not in our fare. In May 2008 the guitarist Jura (by the way the cousin of the guitarist Mara) joined and we were closer again to being called a band. Now we work hard on…

October 08- After months of intensive seeking for a frontman we succeeded and found a vocalist Insomnic (ex drummer of Arch Of Hell).

2009- First gigs are planned and while still practising, the complete concert playlist is set and playable. Reactions are quite hopeful and we manage to record EP called "2009: Prologue" containing two songs (Death's Why and Deathbringers' Phenomenon).
Autumn 2009/ Winter 2010- Our vocalist insomnic is leaving the band. In December guitarist Marek Janíček/jnc' also leaves the band. The change of lineup results into not only postponning the recording session of band's first full-time album, but also in temporary stop of all public events. Jnc' is immediately replaced by new guitarist- Džara and short while after his acceptance is the band infused with new power of keyboards ruled by another new memeber- Hanka. They are five again, but a vocalist is still missing.

May 2010- The band finally finds proper vocalist his name is Rosťa (Baarbr). The band is stronger than ever before, working at full power and intends to record the long desired album and to return on the stages.

The future looks grimm as same as the past looked hopeful. The band is on the verge of disbanding because of firing Rosťa and lack of new vocalist. Recording of the first Inscellet album will be the moment of decision.

July-September 2011 Final steps of recording the new album are being made while it's becoming certain that the album will become the testament after which Inscellet will officially stop its existence for good.

Novemvber 2011. The debut album is finaly being released. The recording in studio was sort of farewell to one and maybe the only period of Inscellet. The band is looking for new members, but the odds are that noone is working on any material and there are no rehersals.

The good thing is, that you can legaly download the debut album here: http://czshare.com/3060556/kMCJ/Inscellet_Cauterize_the_inside_2012.rar

Boosty, the drummer, is currently without a musical engagement
Jura, the guitarist plays in the New Pork
Insomnic is the vocalist of Somnus Aeternus

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