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There's 2 group with the same name the first is a greek low bap 1999 -2003

Inopia started with a present. A guitar which Salex Iatma got from his colleagues on his 17-th anniversary. Although he did not benefit of any previous musical education, after only three months of playing he joined a hard core metal project initiated by Michael Weigand. Shortly after he decided to form his own band, feeling the urge of developing his creativity. Luck was on his side, and very soon he met Claudia Gorgan, a graduate of Conservatory who became keyboard player and vocal. At his canto classes in Theatre University he had the chance to discover a very special voice, the one of Stefan Ion, a voice that was musical educated by the Theological Seminar. From the same Theatre University came Georgiana Dumbrava, who became the bass guitar player of the band, increasing the number of actors among the band. On solo guitars it was initially Petre Iftimie replaced by Andrei Oancea. With a very rich experience Inopia has Gomez on drums and the final completing element is represented by a young talented violin player from the Highschool of "George Enescu", by the name of Paul Catalin In 2007, Inopia started its collaboration with Bastion Theatre giving the audience complete acts of creation- art in all its dimensions: music, theatre, choreography, multimedia. In the same year they held performances together for charity. In 2008, Ministry of Culture and Initiative for culture, cults and national cultural patrimony Ilfov joined their inititive by financing them.


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